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Purchasing Classes


Independent Contractors & Contracting Out for Covered Services:
Reviewed in this training are the new California labor law (AB5) and UC labor policy (Article 5) govering hiring vendors in certain labor categories.
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Purchasing Basics & the Public Contract Code
Reviewed in this class is delegation of authority, purchasing ethics, and the Public Contract Code, including conflict of interest, competitive bidding, and price reasonableness.
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Conflict of Interest
This quick class reviews conflict of committment, use of University resources, and transactions invovling current and former UC employees and near relatives of UC employees.
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Federal Purchasing + Form A review
This course reviews the various procurement requirements in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB - Uniform Guidance) for federal contracts & grants. Includes overview of the Form A, and what constitutes a justifiable sole source and price reasonableness statement.
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Form A quick review
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Business Contracts
Sometimes a procurement transaction can be a simple Purchase Order, and sometimes you need a contract. We'll discuss what needs a contract, what to look out for in Click-to-Agree contracts, and problematic provisions for the University.
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Sustainable Procurement
This course will provide a comprehensive overview of "Sustainable Procurement," and why it matters to us. It will cover contents of the UC Sustainable Procurement Policy and Guidelines, and offer tips and tools for searching sustainable products and suppliers (including small, local, and/or diverse suppliers) in and outside of Gateway. Finally, it will discuss how procurement incorporates sustainability into the RFP/bidding process. Signup in the UC Learning Center: for this training.

Restricted Commodities & Customs
This course goes over the highlights of the UCSB Campus Restricted Commodity List, and the routing/approval requirements for Importing goods and Export Control. Signup in the UC Learning Center: for this training.


9/2020 - Gateway Approvals via Email & Jaggaer's Mobile App - Recorded Webinar:

For the below Gateway Classes, please register for the below classes through the UC Learning Center:

Gateway 101
The Gateway 101 class will provide an introductory overview of the Gateway e-Procurement system. Topics include placing an order, receiving, invoicing, and helpful tips and tricks.

Gateway Forms
The second class in the Gateway series focuses on the many types of Forms in our e-Procurement Gateway system. Topics include Vendor Blankets, Contracts, Change Orders, Walk-In, Confirming, Flexcard, and others.

Gateway Receiving
The third class in the Gateway series focuses on the Receiver role. We will walk you through how and when to receive, briefly discuss invoices, and review frequently asked questions

GMC 101
The Gateway Management Console (GMC) is the integration point for how departments assign spend authority and approval for their Account Strings in Gateway. The GMC 101 class will provide department administrators information on how to manage accounts and users within their departments, discuss the DPA and DSA roles as well as project codes, and cost cent