Procurement Services

Bids & Sourcing

The competitive bid process lets the UC system and the UCSB campus secure the best quality products and services at the best possible price. UCSB has acheived more than $8M back to the campus in savings, revenue, and rebate programs as a result of competative bidding and transactional discount savings:        

Campus FY18 Logged Savings (as of Sept. 2017) FY17 Savings FY15 and FY16 Savings
UC San Francisco  $13.6M $20.7M
UC Office of the President $140.3M $199.6M $264,206,145
UC Los Angeles  $9.2M $26.9M $23,751,110
UC Berkeley  $5.7M $7.1M $23,645,470
UC San Diego  $2.7M $13.5M $19,484,928
UC Irvine  $4.6M $8.4M $22,049,320
UC Davis $3.1M $7.9M $18,155,754
UC Santa Barbara  $3.4M $4M $6,718,737
UC Riverside  $2M $4M $10,690,651
UC Merced  $865,949 $1.7M $7,779,866
UC Santa Cruz  $815,101 $3.9M $4,107,325
TOTAL $186,768,235 $297,524,494 $438,930,657


Supporting UC sourced contracts removes the need to competatively bid products/services over the $100k threshold:

  • Strategically sourced contracts: Competitive bids are not needed for contracts previously established through the strategic sourcing process, since the competitive bid requirement has already been satisfied. UCSB encourages its community to take advantage of our strategic sourcing contracts.
  • Gateway suppliers: Most of the products and services available through Gateway are sourced from a formal competitive bid process, thereby satisfying the University's policy and State law.