Procurement Services

Bids & Sourcing

The competitive bid process lets the UC system and the UCSB campus secure the best quality products and services at the best possible price. UCSB has acheived more than $8M back to the campus in savings, revenue, and rebate programs as a result of competative bidding and transactional discount savings:        

Campus FY18 Logged Savings (as of Sept. 2017) FY17 Savings FY15 and FY16 Savings
UC San Francisco  $13.6M $20.7M
UC Office of the President $140.3M $199.6M $264,206,145
UC Los Angeles  $9.2M $26.9M $23,751,110
UC Berkeley  $5.7M $7.1M $23,645,470
UC San Diego  $2.7M $13.5M $19,484,928
UC Irvine  $4.6M $8.4M $22,049,320
UC Davis $3.1M $7.9M $18,155,754
UC Santa Barbara  $3.4M $4M $6,718,737
UC Riverside  $2M $4M $10,690,651
UC Merced  $865,949 $1.7M $7,779,866
UC Santa Cruz  $815,101 $3.9M $4,107,325
TOTAL $186,768,235 $297,524,494 $438,930,657


Supporting UC sourced contracts removes the need to competatively bid products/services over the $100k threshold.