Procurement Services

Awards and Certifications

2021 EPEAT Award

Our campus has been recognized for the third time as a 2021 EPEAT Purchaser Award winner, celebrating leaders in sustainable electronics procurement. The award comes from the Global Electronics Council (GEC), the non-profit organization that manages the EPEAT ecolabel. EPEAT allows organizations to efficiently address the lifecycle impacts of electronics, such as computers, displays, printers, copiers, network equipment, servers, and televisions.

The UC includes EPEAT in purchasing contracts to require that vendors only provide electronics that meet strict sustainability criteria. EPEAT products are more energy efficient, less toxic, longer lasting, and easier to recycle than products that do not meet EPEAT criteria, while also addressing labor and human rights issues along the entire supply chain. Buying these sustainable products move us closer to achieving our goal of climate neutrality.

Take a moment to review the environmental and cost benefits associated with our EPEAT-registered purchases, including energy savings equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 207 US households. We are proud to have received this recognition and are committed to continued procurement of sustainable electronics.

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Starlight Award

Heather Perry
2019 UC Procurement Starlight Award – EcoVadis Pilot
The ‘EcoVadis Pilot’ project is a first step by the UC to standardize the sustainability evaluation and vetting of suppliers.  This project, lead by UC sustainability leaders, tested the EcoVadis supplier evaluation method to obtain and analyze supplier sustainability information to determine its applicability to UC. The team evaluated current UC suppliers using the EcoVadis process, ways to grow the number of suppliers participating in EcoVadis, and how to integrate the use of EcoVadis rankings and scorecard information in the RFP and contracting process. The EcoVadis program offers an innovative way to access scalable and accurate information on the sustainability attributes of our supplier partners that can be shared across campuses and used with UC suppliers to make specific and measurable improvements to a company’s sustainable practices in alignment with UC sustainability goals.

Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Starlight Award

Calli Price
2018 UC Procurement Starlight Award - GEP Upstream Technologies
GEP is an upstream suite of sourcing products to compliment our downstream P2P Gateway Procurement System.  This project was fasttracked and developed collaboratively with CSU for use by both systems.
Jacob Godfrey
2018 UC Procurement Starlight Award Procurement Normalization Project

Team project to establish "normalization" or standardization road map for Procurement forms, contract clauses, supplier data, commodity codes, user roles, and workflow.



Kathleen Yabsley-Jaggaer Certified Administrator Spend Director Certification

Kathleen Yablsey was recently certified (4/30/2018) as a Jaggaer Systems Administrator (UCSB Gateway).  Kathleen participated in a Jaggaer System Administrator training program that culminated in a comprehensive final exam at this year's Jaggaer Rev 2018 Annual Conference in Las Vegas Nevada.  This is a new certification program that required months of preparation and study.  

Heather Perry-2018 Staff Citation of Excellence Award

Presented by the Chancellor's Sustainability Committee, Heather earned this award in recognition for her efforts to develop and improve UC's Sustainable Procurement policy. Heather researched green purchasing criteria for cleaning supplies, copy paper, food service ware, and more to develop standards and guidelines for system wide implementation. She presented the policy and guidelines to the UC Sustainability Steering Committee as well as to the system wide Procurement Leadership Council for approval.

Heather also co-authored a published white paper for the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) Case Study entitled: "University of California - Sustainable Procurement Policy Updates, Quantitative Metrics, Governance Structures and Approval." The SPLC is a nationwide council of sustainable procurement leaders from the private sector, higher ed, and government representing $300B+ in collective spend. UCSB led the system as the first campus to join this group in 2014. Today all ten campuses participate. 

She was highlighted in a special edition of the UCOP Procurement Services Newsletter for her article entitled: "UCOP e-Procurment Tools to Identify Sustainable Products and Suppliers"

Heather has also submitted multiple applications to the Green Electronics Council (GEC) on behalf of UCSB in consideration for an EPEAT (Energy Star/Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Purchaser Award. The GEC has awarded UCSB with three EPEAT Awards, in 2018, 2020, and 2021.