Procurement Services

Revenue Contracts

If your department wishes to contract for UC-provided services (revenue to your department), you will need either a Rate and Recharge package or approval through Budget and Planning prior to contract execution. The approval for Rate and Recharge packages is required annually, and adheres to policies Academic Personnel Manual APM-020 (link is external) and BFB policy A-56 (link is external). Departments will be directed to complete an Unrelated Business Income questionnaire. Note: as a Section 501(c)(3) entity, the UC must be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

If you need a one-time approval from Budget & Planning (i.e. your department does not plan to provide the same or similar services to other clients), let us know when you submit your Revenue Contract Request (Form B) on the Revenue Request webform. Once received, we will be looking at your contract request to ensure the services meets the UC Mission, and that your budget recovers campus costs and applies the F&A markup.

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Sponsorship Agreements and Donations

If a department wishes to engage outside vendors in a Sponsorship arrangement, whereby the Sponsor gives your department a sum of money, and in exchange your department provides in-kind benefits such as marketing, radio spots, event tickets, table/booth, company banners, etc. , you will need a contract. The UCSB Policy titled "Gift/Grant/Contract/Sponsorship Determination" governs Sponsorships.

  • Sponsorship Agreements should be routed through Procurement Services by sending a request to (link sends e-mail)
  • Procurement will work with the Office of Finance and Administration to review and approve the fair market value of the sponsorship venefits. The Office of Finance and Administration is responsible for valuing the benefits and to determine the value of any quid pro quo benefits.
  • Sponsorship agreements must be approved prior to advertisements, promotions, or other activities involving the sponsor entity.
  • Sponsorship proposals shall include a description of what the sponsor will provide to the University, and the estimated fair market value of the product or service what the University will provide
  • For more on this policy: (link is external)

If an external entity wishes to provide funding to your department without an in-kind benefit, this is likely a gift or donation, and Development or Instituional Advancement should be consulted.

As always, contracts should only be signed by those with Delegation of Authority.