Procurement Services


UCSB’s FlexCard is a Visa procurement card issued by U.S. Bank to UCSB employees who have authority to buy goods and services on behalf of their departments. The FlexCard is issued to an individual, not to a department, and the card and account number cannot be used by anyone other than the Cardholder. Payment liability rests with the University, not the Cardholder. The FlexCard is used primarily for low value purchasing and current commodity restrictions apply.

Typical FlexCard Purchases

  •  Items available on university supply agreements, including campus agreements and Strategic Sourcing agreements
  •  Low value office supply purchases not available through Central Stores
  •  Photocopying and printing services
  •  Published materials, including periodicals and subscriptions
  •  Computer and office equipment items
  •  Scientific and laboratory equipment
  •  Services such as bottled water and temporary employees

FlexCard Benefits

  • Can be used with all merchants that accept the Visa card
  • Internet purchases can be made without the need to use a personal credit card
  • No delays on orders requiring pre-payment (i.e., merchants that do not accept purchase orders or low value numbers)
  • Merchant paid almost immediately (no invoices sent to Accounting, no paper checks issued)
  • Reduces the need to use petty cash and/or employee reimbursements for miscellaneous purchases
  • Transactions are automatically recorded in the FlexCard system and allocated electronically by the department to the appropriate account string

Special Features

  • Variable maximum per transaction limit: up to $10,000 (default limit for all cards except under special circumstances)
  • Variable maximum monthly limit, as determined by department purchasing needs
  • Built-in controls that prohibit restricted purchases
  • Fraudulent transactions and merchant disputes may be resolved by working with U.S. Bank, if disputed within 60 days