Procurement Services

Getting Started

Setting up a FlexCard program involves more than simply issuing a FlexCard to the employee(s) designated to buying on behalf your department.

Before a FlexCard application can be processed, your department must set up the following program authorizations:

  1. Department Administrator (typically a Management Services Officer or Business Officer; responsible for approving authorizations for other department program participants); and

  2. Department Reviewer (typically a Financial Analyst or Assistant; responsible for reviewing all charges and transferring them to the general ledger).

Once your department has set up a Department Administrator and Reviewer, Cardholder applications can be processed and Cardholders can be added or deleted.

If you have any questions about setting up a FlexCard program in your department, contact Vaughn Boyle, FlexCard Administrator, at x7377, John Pavia, FlexCard Coordinator, at x4073, or email us at