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Our online e-procurement system allows you to order from a variety of contracted suppliers, non-catalog suppliers, and provides walk-in PO’s. You also have the ability to set up vendor blanket orders within Gateway.

Thresholds - All orders with UCOP Agreement vendors (indicated with this icon- Strategically Sourced) have been competitively bid. Most requisitions can be processed without Central Purchasing's involvement, up to $10,000.00. All vendor blankets and restricted items, however, will be routed to Central Purchasing for review.

Any order (regardless of funding source) over $99,999.99 must either be:

a) awarded to a certified small business, micobusiness, or disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE) if less than $100,000 and one qualified quote is obtained, or

b) awarded to a certified small business, micobusiness, or disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE) if between $100,000 and $250,000 and two qualified quotes obtained, or

c) competitively bid

Visit our Small and Diverse Business Program page for more information on how to identify certified small and DVBE businesses.

Bid parameters and policies can be found here, and documentation requirements by threshold and regulation can be found here.

Process Times -

  • Requisitions going through only departmental review can be as quick as it takes for your department to approve the order.
  • Requisitions that are routed to Campus Purchasing may take up to 5 days to process. Purchasing has a list of over 100 items to consider on every purchase order, so we do need time to process all the requisitions we receive.
  • Requisitions that are routed to Contracts require at least 3 weeks lead time, as contract negotiations require extra time.

Any questions about this process can be directed to

FlexCard - click here to find out how to use a Procurement card (P-Card) to buy goods!

Restricted Commodities

Restricted/Routing List - updated 1/2021

Hazardous Materials List

Conflict of Interest

Export Control List

Alcohol (for events)

Controlled Substances: To purchase a controlled substance the end user must have a license. If you do not have a license please register here:, and contact the following at EH&S with any questions: Dereck Iverson: x7256 or Jesse Bickley: x8787

International Purchases - Shipments from outside the US

We now offer a class for Restricted Commodities & International Purchases/Customs - click here to register in the LMS!

Any acquisition shipped from another country (including Mexico and Canada) is considered Restricted and needs to be routed to Procurement. Please select the Restricted Items drop down for “International Purchases” on your Gateway Requisition. We will talk to the supplier to determine which party is responsible for shipment and customs costs.

If the UC must pay for shipping and customs, AND is the Importer on Record, then we'll talk with you about using our UCOP contract supplier for Freight Forwarding & Customs Brokerage (see American CargoService below). We may also share information with you about Transit Risk Insurance.

*If* the vendor is paying for the entire shipment, including customs, AND the vendor is the Importer on Record, then the vendor's freight forwarder and customs broker is acceptable and you will not be invoiced from our customs broker. If the vendor is also insuring the shipment for the full value, then your department also will not have to file an application for Transit Risk Insurance.

For Export Control (shipping items outside the US to another Country), please contact Brian McCurdy (x3787) in the Office of Research. Helpful information about Export Control and the UC can be found here.

Here are some of the reasons supporting the utilization of our UCOP Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker:

  • Combining freight forwarding with customs brokerage streamlines (speeds up) the shipment process
  • The various Federal Agencies (Customs, DEA, Homeland Security, BIS, DDTC, Treasury Department and others) are scrutinizing Universities for violating their large numbers of laws and regulations. 
  • American CargoService is the only company with Power-of-Attorney to act on behalf of the University of California for import controls.
  • The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) holds the UC responsible and liable for cargo being imported to the United States for our acquisitions, so we must use a Customs Broker licensed by the CBP to handle this burden. They fill out paperwork and obtain a CBP bond to pass the equipment over the border.
  • Federal officials have expressed concern about academic research that could result in the disclosure of information that would be harmful to the national security interests of the United States. In addition, all international shipments of research materials must strictly comply with U.S. export control laws. Therefore, the University of California, through its faculty and staff, must ensure that it performs its research in a manner that complies with governmental regulations and university policy.
  • Click here for an FAQ about customs brokers and the UC

Please be aware that the Customs Broker will invoice your department for these services, and remember to budget accordingly. NOTE: Any shipment coming into the US is subject to Customs fees, and your department will be responsible for paying these fees.

Your department may need 2 different purchase orders: one for the equipment to the vendor, and one for the freight forwarding/customs clearance invoice from American CargoService.

FedEx may be used for these shipments, but ONLY for orders less than $2,500 and less than 99lbs.

Our UCOP Agreement supplier for freight forwarding, who has the Power of Attorney for the UC is:

American CargoService, Inc.
7800 Convoy Court
San Diego, CA 92111
UCOP Agreement # 085/OP/050

Click here for a checklist when using American CargoService.

American CargoService should be used as a Freight Forwarder for international shipments in which the UC is paying for shipment/customs. To obtain a quote, email the following to

  1. Supplier shipping costs, if already quoted (so that they can provide an apples to apples quote
  2. Supplier shipping terms (incoterms)
  3. Supplier contact information (email address, phone #, rep's name)
  4. Supplier's quote #
  5. Your expected ship date
  6. When you need the quote by
  7. Shipping weights and dimensions (if you don't have this, the supplier can provide it to ACS directly)
  8. Any special considerations at delivery site, such as lift gate or special handling
  9. Value of the equipment

If you choose American CargoService as the frieght forwarder and/or Customs Broker, please send a copy of the purchase order to your equipment supplier to so that American CargoService is aware of the incoming equipment.

Unauthorized Purchases (confirming orders) & Personal Purchases

Unauthorized Purchases:
As outlined in Bus 43, Section III, Part 1. H, if a purchase is identified as non-conforming to procedures, known as a confirming order, the end user will be required to submit to the Purchasing Department a written explanation of the circumstances leading to the purchase and an explanation for the lack of prior approval. This statement must be signed by his/her supervisor or department MSO, and include a statement of action to be taken to prevent future unauthorized purchases. It is possible, under the policy, that the person who authorized the purchase outside of our approved purchasing systems and methods could be held financially responsible for the purchase.

Personal Purchases:
The following statement applies to purchases such as refrigerators, microwaves, couches, coffee makers, plants, etc.* for individual faculty or staff use on University property and/or purchased with University funds.
Policy: BUS 43, Section III, Part 1 J:
"University credit, purchasing power, facilities, and services shall not be used to purchase goods or services for individuals or for non-University activities except where a University program has been approved by a University administrator with delegated authority with advice as appropriate from the Office of General Counsel."

Any purchase using University funds must directly benefit the overall need of your department or the University, not the individual(s) requesting the purchase. US Law states that government funds shall not be expended for items intended solely for personal convenience or to satisfy the personal desire of an employee or employees. As a co-equal branch of the California government, UCSB is considered a government entity. All funds coming into the UC are considered taxpayer funds, regardless of the source. Such funds belong to the University, not an individual.

*Items like those above fall into the category of "luxury items", unless they specifically contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of the teaching, research, or public service being conducted for University purposes. If your department can justify that the acquisition ensures the University receives the primary benefit of the expenditure, and meets the University’s mission, your purchase should be supported with sufficient documentation. These purchases do not need to come through, or be approved by Campus Purchasing.


Federally Funded Purchases

For information on purchases related to federal funds, please visit:

Purchases Using the UC/UCSB Name or Logo

If your purchase uses the UCSB or University of California (UC) name and/or logo, or any derivation thereof, we must ensure compliance with the UC Code of Conduct. All acquisitions using the UC name and/or logo are considered Restricted. A license with our UC contracted vendor, CLC, must be current for vendors to sell us apparel and non-disposable goods (mugs, scarves, furniture, sportsgear, etc.).

For a fact sheet about using licensed vendors and logos, click here.

For a list of current vendors, click here: , and follow the below instructions:

  1. If you want to search for a specific commodity, use the dropdown in Step 1. If you just want to search for a vendor, leave Step 1 blank.
  2. In step 2, start to type in “Santa Barbara”, and click on our school name. Click the red Search button.
  3. This brings up a large list on the same page. All the vendors that appear have current registrations. Anything listed as "Internal Only" cannot be used for resale purposes.

If a vendor you want to use is NOT on this list, please know there may be a 3-4 week turnaround for your vendor to register with CLC. or any questions about this process, please contact Carol Dreste in the UCSB Bookstore.

Paper items such as stationery, invitations, name tags, and banners do not require registration. Our standard purchase orders in Gateway include a clause to cover these purchases.

Hotels - Group Reservations

Hotels traditionally require a signed contract to reserve blocks of rooms for conferences, large meetings, etc. hosted by UCSB. These are "Room Block" or "Group Sales Agreements". The UCSB Procurement department has the campus Delegation of Authority for these contracts - please do NOT have your department sign. All these contracts need to be entered as a Contract Request Form in Gateway. NOTE: all "transient" (individual) rooms are *not* handled on a signed contract. Please work with your travel coordinator, Annette Gonzales' team in AP, and/or use your Corporate Card for those hotel rooms.

UCSB has negotiated terms with the following Hotels; signature on these contracts are processed much faster than other hotels:

  • Best Westerm South Coast Inn - 5620 Calle Real in Goleta (805) 967-3200
  • The Goodland (Kimpton) - 5650 Calle Real in Goleta (805)964-6241
  • Hilton Garden Inn Santa Barbara/Goleta - 6878 Hollister in Goleta (805) 562-5996
  • Pacifica Suites - 5490 Hollister Avenue in Santa Barbara (805) 683-6722 (ask for Jessica Windle-Cross)
  • Ramada Santa Barbara - 4770 Calle Real in Santa Barbara (805) 964-3511
  • Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort - 633 East Cabrillo Blvd (805) 564-4333
  • The Wayfarer - 12 East Montecito Street in Santa Barbara (805) 845-1000 (Ask for Miranda Duffield)

Prevailing Wage and Fair Work/Fair Wage

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), governing body for Prevailing Wage, added maintenance, installation, and repair work over $15,000.00 into their definition of “public works” earlier this year. That means that Procurement departments across the State are now required to report public work projects to the DIR for every purchase order in which prevailing wage applies. For UCSB, this means any requisition exceeding $15,000.00 with a supplier that provides “Routine, recurring, and usual work for the preservation, protection, and keeping of any publicly owned or operated facility” (CA Code of Regulations 16000) will need to be routed to Procurement for DIR project submission (Labor Code sec. 1773.3). The good news is that the process should only take a few hours longer than usual. However, if the Supplier is not already registered with the DIR, the Supplier will need to register, or the campus will need to find a new supplier for the service.

Common commodities with which Prevailing Wage may apply are listed below; and click here for our Prevailing Wage Determination & Maintenance vs. Construction matrices.

President Napolitano introduced Fair Work/Fair Wage this Summer of 2015 as a voluntary plan to establish a minimum wage of $15/hr by 2017 for both UC employees and suppliers to the UC. Procurement Services reviews all service-related requisitions we receive to ensure our suppliers can meet the requirement of providing wages at $14/hr in 2016, and then $15 in 2017. This UC requirement does not apply to goods-only purchases, services funded by federal C&G money, or if Prevailing Wage applies. Click here for our Fair Work Determination Matrix, and here for the UCOP FAQ on Fair Work/Fair Wage.

For more on both these topics, call or email Calli Price (x3723).


Broadline Furniture Contract
Our UC contracted supplier for broadline office furniture is Steelcase. UC Office of the President requires that we procure at least 80% of our office furniture spend with Steelcase. The campus Steelcase dealer is Tangram, who has a dedicated support team available at: UCSBadmin@tangraminteriors.comTangram does offer alternative products to Steelcase, and any custom or specialty products may be subject to deposit requirements.

Click HERE for an overview of the Tangram team, quotes, and fees, and HERE for recommended protocol and timelines when requesting services. Please report any issues using the Feedback Form below.

Tangram Customer Feedback Form

Ergonomic Furniture Contracts

Before buying office furniture (especially for faculty, staff, TAs, and graduate students), your department should consider ergonomic furniture. UC has ergonomic furniture contracts with Ergonomic Comfort Design, Grand Stands, Herman Miller, Office Master, Sitmatic, Workrite, and Steelcase. If you have questions about these contracts, please contact



UC Contract #

Approved Dealers

Tall Task Stools

Ergonomic Comfort Design (ECD)


Tri County; Tangram; SB Office Interiors

Sitmatic (Anthro International)


Tri County; Modular Systems Specialists

Task Chairs

Office Master


Tri County; EC West; SB Office Interiors

Sitmatic (Anthro International)


Tri County; Modular Systems Specialists

Height Adjustable Tables,

Work Tools

Grand Stands


Tri County; SB Office Interiors

Herman Miller


Tri County; Contact HM rep Sheri Balser

Workrite Ergonomics


Tri County; Tangram; SB Office Interiors




UCIMP - 0261;

UCIMP - 0262


Other Options

The remaining 20% of the UC's furniture spend can purchased with US Communities or E&I contracted suppliers like Knoll or Herman Miller. For a local provider of Herman Miller products, contact Tri County Office Furniture:

We do NOT recommend or endorse purchasing furniture from retailers like IKEA, Staples, Kmart, Costco, etc. The furniture from these retailers are not approved by either the UC Office of the President or Ergonomics/Workers Comp.

Things to think about when buying office furniture: long term durability, desk height adjustability for various body sizes and heights, ergonomic chairs to fit the individual worker, keyboard trays, document holders, and wireless telephone headsets.

Existing Furniture & Installation Site
BEFORE your furniture installation and delivery date, remove all existing furniture and/or materials from the site. Our furniture supplier and their installers are not contracted, responsible for, or paid to move your existing property. Your department must maintain oversight and responsibility for existing UC or personal property. UCSB Furniture Services can assist with any moving needs by calling x2732.

Sustainability Considerations

UCSB's Furniture Services can help reconfigure and redesign existing modular workstations, and keeps an inventory of used furniture for sale at very low prices. Please consider purchasing furniture thorugh Surplus before buying new.

The UC set a goal of achieving 25% spend on products that meet UC Green Preferred criteria. For furniture, this means purchasing products that are certified GREENGUARD Gold or SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, and are free of the following hazardous chemical classes: flame retardants, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) used as stain/water/oil resistant treatments, antimicrobials, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and heavy metals. For more information about the UC furniture criteria, click here.

Removals & Moving Services

Lab and Office moves can be paid through a UCSB Purchase Order. The property in a lab or office move belong to the University; therefore UCSB is liable for the items. The following vendors were awarded a master campus RFP (bid) for UC-owned property in 2021:

Movegreen - 866-684-7336, (contract #20177)
Boyd Move Services - (805) 804-7758, (contract #20174)
REM Sleep Solutions - 310-351-4440, (contract #20179)
King Van Lines - 310-261-2987, (contract #20176)
Crown Worldwide - 510-773-2452, (contract #20175)
Suddath - 619-993-7595, (contract #20180)
NCS- 510-923-1968, (contract #20178)

When contacting the vendors, please make sure you reference their contract # (above), and the special pricing UCSB has through our bid #HB12112020P. The award and contracts are valid through 2/2026, with the potential for extension through 2029.

Removals for personal items may be paid either by Reimbursement to the new faculty/staff member, or via a Travel Advance through in Accounts Payable. The Accounting Manual Disbursements D371-16 does not grant Procurement the delegation for personal removals. Public funds and University resources cannot be used for personal purchases per UC Policy BUS-43; payment to a hiree for a personal move is also tax reportable as a fringe benefit. Because the items are not University property, the University is not liable for damage to or loss of personal items. Therefore, if the Hiring Department wishes to pay for a Faculty's personal move, the appropriate payment mechanism is via reimbursement or travel advance in accordance with policies outlined in the UC Moving Policy G-13. Please remember to check the Hiree Allocation Letter for approved limits; Accounts Payable is not authorized to pay a Form 5 higher than the approved limit.


Bus Transportation

The UCSB campus currently has bus contracts with the following suppliers:

Bus services (21+ passengers):
Santa Barbara Airbus (805) 964-7759

Shuttle Services (9-20 passengers):
Santa Barbara Airbus (805) 964-7759

Private Car Services (1-8 passengers)
Rockstar Transportation 805.882.9191

Charters for buses which will be used only by UC employees, students, invitees, etc., should be processed on a purchase order in Gateway. Buses used for public transportation (i.e. the general public also will be riding) can be paid through Travel/Entertainment.

Prior to submitting a purchase order for bus charters, please contact Patrick Anglin at x5740 (or to verify the insurance is acceptable per the number of passengers, and that the bus company has a satisfactory safety rating. Click here for standard bus transportation insurance requirements.

Independent Contractors: Individuals and Sole Proprietors (AB5/AB2257)

California recently signed into law the Dynamex Decision (AB5 - subsequently amended in 9/2020 as AB2257), codifying how workers should be classified as employees. Essentially the law now stipulates that individuals (including sole proprietors) who provide services in California are presumed to be employees unless proven to be an independent contractor. The goal of this law is to expand coverage of unemployment insurance, workers comp, overtime pay, expense reimbursements and wage and hour laws to workers. The hiring entity (UC) has the burden of proving how a worker is be considered an independent contractor. 

There are 2 different tests the UC must apply when considering how to classify these workers: 1) the ABC test, and 2) the Borello test. The Borello test is only used with certain types of services (outlined below), whereas the ABC test is used with every other type of service.

1. ABC (this is statutory law):
athat the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, both under the contract for the performance of the work and in fact;
that the worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business; and
that the worker is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, or business of the same nature as the work performed.

2. Borello:
a. This is essentially the IRS test. The questions aim to determine control of the process. In other words, if the UC is generally in control of the work product and outcome, then the worker is an employee.
b. There are many categories codified in AB2257 that are exempt from the ABC test; Employment Services can help identify which might apply. 

How can my department comply?

  1. Complete the UCSB AB5 Independent Contractor Worksheet
  2. Submit the completed worksheet on a request through HR's ServiceNow system: 
  3. Click on "Talent Acquisition Services", then "Hiring Related Requests", then select "Other" under What can we help you with?
  4. If Employment Services lets you know the service can be hired through Gateway as an Independent Contractor, please upload a copy of that email to your subsequent Gateway Requisition.

Helpful Resouces:
Click here for the law text:


Design & Construction vs. Maintenance (Purchasing)

Maintenance orders need to be processed through Facilities Mangement WebTMA system*: Maintenance services asre the ongoing upkeep of buildings, equipment, roads, grounds, and utilities required to keep a Facility in a condition adequate to support the University's academic, scientific, and public service functions. It consists of the preservation, but not the improvement of buildings and grounds. Maintenance is generally on a routine or recurring basis, and may be to bring equipment back to a fully functional state. However, if a replacement is needed for the purpose of upgrading a system, it is not considered maintenance.

Construction is the act, art, or business of moving, demolishing, installing, or building a structure, facility, or system according to a plan or by a definite process. Construction consists of the application of any of these techniques to physical plant facilities such as structures, utilities, excavations, landscaping, site improvements, drainage systems and roads, and additions, deletions, or modifications of such facilities. Exterior and interior painting of new structures is a form of construction. Painting, while seemingly maintenance, is generally deemed construction.

Decision matrix: If you're unsure about going through FM or DCS
Campus Design & Facilities Contracting Services FAQ's:

*Note: If Facilities staff cannot provide the maintenance services, or do not have a JOC on file, Facilities can process an order through Gateway for the maintenance services.

Contracting Out for Covered Services

The UC Regents implemented a policy in late 2019, titled Contracting Out for Covered Services, that supports and augments the UC's contract with AFSCME. This policy is essentially synomomous with the term "Article 5".

The intent is to insource, to the maximum extent possible, the following services:

  • cleaning, custodial, janitorial, or housekeeping services
  • food services
  • laundry services
  • grounds keeping
  • building maintenance (excluding skilled crafts)
  • transportation and parking services
  • security services
  • billing and coding services
  • sterile processing
  • hospital or nursing assitant services
  • medical imaging or other medical technician services

​If your department purchases services for these categories, please contact Labor Relations ( or Procurement ( to reivew your options for insourcing the work. Exceptions to the insourcing requirement may be requested, but must meet one or more of the following exception categories below:

  1. Emergencies
  2. Quantity or qualification of available employees
  3. Lease-related services
  4. Occasional or temporary timeframe
  5. Unique equipment or location
  6. Clinical/Registry personnel

To request an exception, complete the Contracting Out for Covered Services Exception Request and submit to Labor Relations via their ServiceNow portal (select Human Resources > Employee & Labor Relations > Department Advisory Services). Select Union Contract Question in the first dropdown, SX in the second dropdown, and Contracting Out for Covered Services in the third dropdown.  

Vehicle Requisition Guidelines

Click here for UCSB Transportation Services' Vehicle Requisition Guidelines

    Alarm and Security/Surveillance Camera Systems

    Security systems, including door alarm and surveillance cameras are restricted, and cannot be procured solely on the FlexCard.

    Security or Surveillance Cameras
    Cameras installed on UC property create significant risk exposure to the campus, and do require multiple campus approvals before an order can be released. Below are some of the examples of the process we go through after having received a requisition in Gateway:

    1. Notify Human Resources; cameras recording any UC employee require at least a 45-day notice period to employee unions before the cameras can be activated. (Note: the purchase and installation can be completed before the Notice term is over, but your department may risk losing these costs on the off chance the Union protests the installation.)
    2. Work with Design and Construction; some camera installations are categorized as construction, rather than maintenance. We may need to bifurcate the purchase; and remove the installation portion from the requisition
    3. Communicate with Enterprise Technology Solutions; who currently offers a central video security service which may be suitable for your needs.  A potential advantage in the ETS offering is it will evolve to keep in compliance with campus requirements.

    When we receive a requisition for cameras in Purchasing, we will ask the end users a series of questions, including the number of cameras, the subject matter of the cameras, which party is responsible for hosting the video feed, who will be monitoring and have access to the video feed, and whether or not the cameras are a direct replacement, or a new system or new a subject matter.

    A formal policy for Surveillance Camera Systems will be announced sometime next year, which will articulate the procedures for requesting approval of the installation and procurement of security cameras on UC property. In the meantime, any questions prior to submitting a Gateway requisition for security or surveillance cameras should be sent to

    Security & Door Alarm Services
    For door alarm services, we have a master contract with Bay Alarm Services for departmental use. Note, all other security (door) alarm vendors are not allowed. The police, communication services, and facilities maintenance departments all operate on one system that is integrated wtih Bay Alarm. Please find instructions on how to setup a Vendor Blanket in Gateway here. The campus notification dated 4/8/2013 with helpful information regarding the Safecom/Bay switch for existing clients can be found here.

    To setup new service, please contact Rick Prinz at Bay Alarm: 805-662-2714;
    For billing questions, please use our local branch ONLY: Jayana Berry at 805-662-2723, or (for a secondary contact, please ONLY use:, 800-411-8111 ex4347)
    For service on an existing system, contact 800-470-1000

    Bay Alarm will need your department to complete an Emergency Notification list, located here. Note, the information provided on this list is confidential, and should only be emailed to Rick directly;


      For information on products, contacts, and news on available software, please visit:

      Buying at Costco

      Costco can be a great resource for many departments. Purchase Orders are accepted at the local store for goods (Memberships are not paid with a Purchase Order; see below for details) with the following procedures:

      • Costco will require your department have a Business Membership; please visit the Membership Counter prior to shopping
      • UCSB has a signed Master Contract with Costco, where any dept on the attached Department List can purchase off the Agreement.
      • UCSB limits the membership to the Business card priced at $55. Executive Memberships are NOT allowed.
      • Memberships are restricted to up to 6 cards per account ($55 per group of 2 cards).
      • Once you have the full membership, you may execute Walk-In PO's in Gateway.
      • Simply take your printed out Walk-In PO to the Membership counter, and walk away with your product(s). Costco will provide you with an Invoice.

      To pay invoices, please write your Gateway Walk-In PO # on the invoice, and send the product invoices to
      Membership invoices ($55) cannot be paid on a purchase order, but should be processed on a Membership Form 5 directly to Accounts Payable. Please contact Accounts Payable for membership questions.

      Printing/Photocopy Services

      FedEx Office Print Services(located on Calle Real) and the UC have entered into Pricing Agreement #088-OP-237.  The competitive pricing is available to all UC employees at all campuses, medical center and labs. Pricing for black and white copies is $.025, color is $.29 and all other services are discounted 30%.  They offer free pickup and delivery.  FedEx Office now offers a suite of commercial printing services including digital offset, large format including signs and banner and a robust direct mail services.  For expert consultation please callKevin Kaiser at 860-248-0454, or contact Josette Uline at the Calle Real location at 805-964-3522.

      We have SBPrinter here on campus over in the UCEN. accepts Purchase Orders through Gateway, and the FlexCard. They can be reached at, by calling 699-6342, or by walking into the main loby of the UCEN, room 2264.

      Shipping Vendors: UPS and FedEx

      UCOP has replaced our prime shipping contract with UPS from FedEx.  By comparison, UPS shipping rates are often 25%+ cheaper than FedEx for the same level of service. For example, a package that ships by Ground that weighs from1 to 6 lbs to a Zone 2 location, FedEx charges $5.03 while UPS charges $3.30. A package using 2nd Day Air to Zone 2 weighing 1 to 8 lbs, FedEx charges range from $5.41 to $6.72 while UPS charges $4.66. Also keep in mind when shipping to another UC campus, often times shipping UPS Ground will get your package there the next day. So in that case, using a Next Day service may not be necessary.

      UPS has a dedicated UC-support line: 800-877-1497 - be sure to have your account number ready.

        For international shipping, while UPS has the UCOP contract, UPS hasn’t yet been granted Power of Attorney for the UC system.  Packages valued at less than $2,500 can use either UPS or FedEx.  For packages valued at over $2,500, our UC contracted Customs broker (AmericanCargo) should be contacted first, and will help guide your department with shipping options.    

        For those of you that would still prefer to use FedEx, Elaine Heath has extended their discounted pricing to UCSB for the next year.   

      Jim Hernandez in Mail Services helps departments setup their UPS accounts, and can answer any questions at x2093, or - please contact him first, and for a full list of side by side pricing comparisons.


      What is taxable?

      (tax manual:

      The tax rate for deliveries to the UCSB campus is 7.75%.  Deliveries to addresses in the City of Santa Barbara are taxed at 8.75%.

      Sales Tax Exemption Instructions 12-13-19

      Tangible Personal Property ("Things") X   Exception: Federal-Title Inventorial (>$5,000) Assets
      Gift Cards   X  
      Labor - Installation   X  
      Labor - Repair   X  
      Labor - Fabrication X    
      Labor - Assembly X    
      Maintenance Contracts - Mandatory X    
      Maintenance Contracts - Optional   X IF listed and priced separately on invoice.
      Printed Sales Messages (Catalogs, Letters, Circulars, Brochures, Pamphlets)   X

      Non-Taxable, if ALL following conditions are met: (1) primary purpose is advertising, (2) printed by special order of the University, (3) mailed/delivered by seller via USPS or common carrier, and (4) received at no cost to participant.

      Printing Services X   All printing of non-advertising materials
      Purchases for Resale   X

      Only applies when University buys tangible personal property which it in turn resells to another entity (for example, the Bookstore) and collects sales tax at the time of the resale.  The University buyer must present the Seller with a Resale Certificate in order to have tax waived.

      Services   X Except "services that are part of a sale," such as design, fabrication, testing, etc.
      Delivery/Courier Services   X  
      Employment Services   X  
      Software - Boxed X  

      100% taxable, including license fees, site licensing and other user end fees; also, any mandatory maintenance contracts or consulting services.  Optional maintenance contracts - 50% taxable.

      Software - Downloaded   X Including any mandatory or optional maintenance contracts.
      Software - Custom   X Including any mandatory or optional maintenance contracts, and any separately stated modification charges.  Boxed software is non-taxable IF THE CUSTOMIZATION INCREASES THE STANDARD COST BY 50% OR MORE.
      Subscriptions   X  
      Warranties - Mandatory X    
      Warranties - Optional   X IF listed and priced separately on invoice.
      Shipping   X Except when a supplier uses their own transportation to deliver, such as furniture companies, chemical companies, or local companies. Also, when a supplier does not document the shipping cost as per CDTFA regulation.
      Handling X