Travel & Entertainment

Travel Reimbursement

Travel Vendor Request - Use the attached form to request a travel vendor.  Before requesting a new vendor, please confirm that vendor does not already exist by using the vendor search feature in the WebTEV system.

Travel Vendor Request

Domestic Travel Reimbursement Form - The Domestic Travel Reimbursement form should be used by the traveler to compile reimburseable travel expenses.  Departmental Travel Preparer should use completed form in the preparation of the WebTEV.

Domestic Travel Reimbursement

WEB TEV Update - Click the following link for a copy of the WebTEV Update Training that took place on 2/11 - 2/12/2014.

WEB TEV Enhancement Training

TripID - Click on the following link for more detailed information regarding the TripID, how it is used and a TripID Users Grid.

Trip ID

Travel Payment Request Form (New) - The Travel Payment Request Form replaces all previous versions of travel advance request forms.  This form should be used in conjunction with the WebTEV system for the following types of transactions: Direct Bill-Hotel, Direct Bill-Travel Agency, Direct Bill-Corporate Card, and Direct Bill-Conference Registration.  This form is not to be used for cash advances or reimbursements to a traveler for personally funded travel expenses.

Travel Payment Request Form

Travel Payment Request Form Instructions