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About the Concur Project

In February 2022, UCSB will transition from our current Web Travel Expense Voucher (WebTev) and Online Form-5 system to Concur.

We are changing to Concur as our new campus standard for expense reimbursement processing so that we can benefit from functionality that will:

  • Streamline Travel/Entertainment/Business expense reimbursement process
  • Provide tools for expense pre-authorization
  • Support approval workflow routing, expense item capture, and expense report creation for end-users
  • Enable receipt image capture

Concur will also improve user experience and overall visibility into the expense reimbursement process.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Transfer Series: Information Sessions

The changes will not affect UC policy, but Concur will provide new mobile and web-based tools. We are presenting an information series for campus business officers and travel expense processors to help prepare for this change in your department, and to provide you with important project information about transitioning to this new system.

Webinar Series Schedule:

If you have any questions, please use our Concur project form here. Questions may be answered as an FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs will help answer common questions.

Who is eligible for Concur Access?

  • All active UCSB employees in UCPath will get Basic Concur User Profile
  • includes student employees
  • includes contingent workers

Who enters FAU in a Concur Request/Expense Report?

All active employees or their assigned delegates are able to create a request/expense report in Concur.
Employees or their delegates must be aware of the FAU an expense needs to be charged.

How to set up delegates?

How to book airfare without Trip ID?

  • For employees, employee ID will be used in Concur travel instead of trip ID.
  • For guests, non-employee ID will be be used in Concur travel instead of trip ID.
  • An authorized employee will book airfare for guests.

How will membership reimbursements be handled?

  • Membership reimbursements will be handled in Concur.
  • BFS will provide a separate form that will be filled out and attached to the expense report.

How will we pay an outside organization?

Direct payments to an organization will be handled outside of Concur by a PDF form.

What is the equivalent role of a preparer in Concur?

  • In Concur, all employees can prepare their own reports. So they can be a preparer.
  • In cases, where an employee needs assistance to prepare reports they can add a preparer delegate.
  • See Guide to Concur Delegates
  • Example: Faculty or Staff needs assistance to prepare reports.

What are the Training and Support plans for Concur?

  • Self paced Knowledge Base Articles
  • Show & Tell - Concur Training Sessions prior to go-live
  • Concur functional support email to report issues.
  • Office Hours after go-live.

Concur Approver FAQs

Who can be an approver?

  • Any individual with Basic Concur user profile.
  • Approver role assignment is required.
  • Approver role assignments are done in GMC by DSA.
  • Approvers must have knowledge of policies that govern the reimbursement.

How many Concur Approver roles are available?

  • Department Expense Approver
  • Account Approver 
  • Back up/Adhoc-Approver - optional
  • Assigned in GMC 

How many approvers can a department have? 

  • Departments can have ONE Department Expense Approver (DEA).
  • Departments can have ONE Account Approver per chart string in the GMC.
  • Approvers can have have up multiple delegates.

What can an approver change?

  • Approvers can not change anything about a submitted request/report.
  • The only actions an approver can take are Add an Approver, Approve, or Send Back to User.

Can a Department Expense Approver (DEA) be a preparer in Concur?

  • No, DEA Approver cannot be a preparer in Concur.
  • Self-Approval is not possible in Concur.
  • Preparers and Approvers must be separate individuals in a department.

Can additional Concur approvers be included on an adhoc basis?

  • Yes, additional approvers can be added on an adhoc basis.
  • The additional approvers must have an approver role assigned in GMC.

Who is a backup approver?

  • Backup approvers fill in responsibility of DEA (or) Account Approvers and the role should be assigned in GMC.
  • DEA or Account Approver must add backup approver as their approver delegate in Concur.
  • See Guide to Concur Delegates
  • Example: DEA (or) Account Approver is out of office

Who is an adhoc approver?

  • Are additional approvers that departments decide a request or report needs.
  • The role should be assigned in GMC.
  • Additional approvers need to be manually inserted into Concur workflow
  • DEA/Account approvers can insert additional approvers into Concur workflow.
  • See how to add adhoc approvers
  • Example: Department Director approval by Control Point.

Does GMC Concur have bulk approver load option?

No, this option is not available for Concur.

Will Gateway approvers be copied over into Concur?

  • No, Gateway approvers are not copied over into Concur
  • Concur Approval assignment is required.

What happens when DEA travels? 

  • Self-Approval is not possible in Concur.
  • If DEA intends to travel reach out to Concur Administrator.

What happens when Account Approver travels?

  • Account Approver is skipped.
  • Report will be sent to BFS central office for review. 

What is the role of DSA/DPA?

DSA/DPA are GMC roles and are expected to assign Concur Approvers in GMC.

How a DEA is determined for an employee?

DEA for an expense report is determined by employee’s primary job department in UCPath and it’s DEA in GMC.

GMC still says pending after approver assignment?

Working as designed.

What happens after DEA/Account Approver approves a report?

  • Typically the report is sent for payment.
  • In some cases based on data in the report it may be routed automatically to additional central office approvers.
    • If spouse or domestic partner travel - BFS central office for approval.
    • Travel to a high risk country -Export control for approval.

Can a DEA/Account Approver be the same person?

Yes, when DEA approves the appropriate account approval is also approved.

Who can add an adhoc (additional approver) in Concur?

  • Both DEA and Account approver can insert additional approvers.
  • See how to add adhoc approvers

Which transactions will not be processed in Concur?

  • Moving/Relocation
  • Direct payment to Vendors
  • Honorariums

FAU availability in Concur

  • All FAU’s with a valid account approver in GMC are available in Concur.
  • Employee can select any of the available FAU’s. It is not restricted by department.
  • Expense transactions can be split funded using allocation functionality in Concur.

What can delegates do?

  • If an employee has no approval authority, they can provide preparer authority to another employee.
  • The preparer delegate can prepare reports, upload receipts & receive emails on behalf of the other employee.
  • If an employee has approval authority (DEA,Account Approver) they can provide approval authority to another employee.
  • The approver delegate can approve reports and receive approval emails on behalf of the other employee
  • The approver delegate will become the backup approver to the DEA or Account Approver

Which transactions will be processed in Concur?

  • Travel/Entertainment for employees & guests.
  • Online Form-5 and Paper Form-5 for employee reimbursements.
  • Membership reimbursements

What delegates can’t do?

  • Cannot submit expense report for another employee.
  • Cannot use Concur mobile to use delegate functionality.

How are guest travellers processed in Concur?

  • Concur profile must be requested by departments along with delegate information.
  • Delegate will prepare and submit expense reports for guests.
  • Guests will be reimbursed via check.

Who is a Concur Administrator?

  • This a role assigned to BFS personnel.
  • Responsible for
    • updating DEA Concur profile when they travel.

Ledger FAQs

How will direct billing appear on the ledgers?

Direct Bill will no longer appear on your ledgers, until the traveler has created an expense report for the trip.

How will the Corporate Liability Card transactions appear on our Ledger?

  • As soon as an expense hits the card it will be charged to the default string provided on your card application.
  • Once an expense report containing that transaction has been approved and finalized the default string will be credited and the string from the report will be debited.

Can GL strings be uploaded into GMC?

Yes, GL strings can be uploaded into GMC for approver assignment.

Corporate Card FAQs

When can we apply for New T/E Corporate card?

  • Employees can submit in Concur a request for new T/E Corporate card beginning 02/01/22.
  • Card Request policy in Concur should be used
  • Refer Knowledge base article

What can New T/E corporate cards used for?

  • Authorized University Business Travel and Official University Entertainment Expenses Only
  • G-28_Policy and Regulations Governing Travel
  • BUS-79_Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions

What happens to current corporate card after Concur go-live?

  • After 01/31/22, expenses in corporate card transactions must be submitted via Concur as out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Employee will be reimbursed.
  • 04/30/22 - Close Out current corporate Liability Cards

What New T/E corporate cards should not be used for?

  • Personal Expenses
  • Expenses for the benefit of others, unless acting as a Group Leader or Event Host
  • Expenses Not Identified in UC Travel Policy (G-28)
  • Expenses Not Identified in UC Business Meeting and Entertainment Policy (BUS-79)

Who is recommended to apply for New T/E card?

  • Frequent Traveler
  • Group Travel Leader
  • Entertainment Host/Coordinator
  • Person who will use card for Business Travel and Entertainment Only
  • Person who will pay for Personal Expenses with Personal Funds

Do I need the new T/E corporate card to Travel/Entertain?

No, corporate cards are not required to Travel/Entertain