Work Force Administration Metrics

UCPC Average Processing Times

HR Template Transaction processing time:
3 days as of week ending: 05/02/2022


What is UCPath?

  • UCPath stands for UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping and Human Resources.
  • UCPath will support an active payroll of 190,000 UC employees.
  • PeopleSoft Human Capital Management replaced the old payroll system (PPS) and provides the University with opportunities to conduct business in better ways. PeopleSoft is an industry standard tool.
  • Payroll, Human Resources, and Academic Personnel business processes are being re-engineered.
  • The UCPath Center, a shared service center in Riverside, is being staffed to service all UC employees.

Why UCPath?

  • Consistent, quality data enables us to make better decisions.
  • Efficient, accurate payroll leads to less time spent identifying and correcting pay and benefits errors and greater confidence among faculty and staff in the accuracy of pay and benefits.
  • Employees can feel confident that their pay and benefits will be correct and they will receive quality service.
  • Reduced time and effort to bring new staff up to speed on the systems and processes.
  • We have achieved excellence in academics and research. We need administrative operations that are excellent as well.
  • By increasing the quality of our business systems and operations, we are better able to support our faculty in delivering unparalleled excellence in academics and research.
  • UCPath changes how we do our work; it is not just a system change. It is a transformation of how we do our work.
  • This is an opportunity to develop new, efficient business processes. Rather than making small, piecemeal adjustments, we can take a comprehensive approach.
  • Electronic timekeeping, bi-weekly pay, and UCPath are all part of a comprehensive effort to elevate the quality of our business operations.