Time & Reporting

UCSB Timekeeping Guidelines

Leave Reporting

The Leave Reporting Worksheet (PYLV) system is used to enter leave usage for vacation, sick leave and compensation time used and earned for the previous month. You are also able to report up to 3 leave usage adjustments for prior months. The system displays records for employees, by department. These records display the beginning leave balances for the reporting month as a reference. Leave accrual and usage transactions will update the balances.

The PYLV system is a supplement to the IDTC and EDAT time reporting modules in PPS. All leave usage and adjustments can also be entered there. DO NOT duplicate the same reporting by entering the same hours in both PYLV and PPS.

In addition to selection 'F4' - Update by Department, Employee Name, other options from the Main Menu are: 'F5', submit a batch process to print a report of the results of the updates you made to leave records, and '6', view a status of the leave records, by department.

You can request PYLV access by completing the IS&C Services Request Form

Update Screen - Data Entry Help

When entering data on the Leave update screen, remember to press the F5 key on each screen to update the records on that screen. If you scroll from the current screen before updating, the field entries will be lost. All fatal errors need to be corrected before you are able to F5 Update. Warnings have the option of being ignored, BUT YOU MAY BE COVERING UP AN ADDITIONAL WARNING.


Amounts are entered as hours to the nearest whole quarter hour as defined by Personnel Policy. For whole hours reporting, the decimal point and trailing zeros are not needed, but may be entered. For quarter hours, you must enter .25 for 15 minutes, .5 or .50 for 30 minutes, and .75 for 45 minutes. DO NOT enter data in an amount field if the value field is all nines. If you do, it will be ignored. The 9999s identify distributions that are not eligible for leave accrual or usage.


  1. You need to enter ten hours of vacation time taken; enter '10' under the 'Taken' column in the 'VAC' row. ('10.00' will have the same effect.)
  2. You need to enter five and one half hours of comp time earned; enter '5.5' under the'Earned' column in the 'C/T' row.


By default, usage entries for the reporting month will be prorated over the FAUs charged for the employees' earnings within the department that month. If you do not want the usage hours to be prorated, enter an 'N' in the Prorate field next to the reported hours and they will be posted to that specific account. Adjusted usage for previous months will be prorated for one month prior to the reporting month (adjusting July with August reporting in September, for example). Adjustments for other months, June and prior in the above example, will be posted to the FAU/account where they are reported.


Enter both the period to be adjusted in YYMM format along with the usage adjustment hours that were previously over or under reported. Enter the the number of hours to adjust, either positive or negative, not the total usage hours for the month. This is not an hours replacement process. Do not use the adjustment columns for correcting accrual entries. If accrual corrections are needed, use the PPS EDLR screen to make them.

Correcting Errors on the PYLV Screen:

If there is an hours amount or adjustment date in a field that is wrong, tab to the field with the wrong value and enter the correct amount. If the amount should be zero, or no update should have been entered, erase or blank out the field. Press the F5 key to update the record.

Missing Persons:

Not all employees will appear on your screen. You will not be able to add them to the worksheet. If the person is a new hire, their distribution may not have been added in time to for this month's worksheet. They should appear in subsequent months and their usage can be entered then. For an existing employee, a change in appointment or distribution may have occurred. Please review their EDB record and correct any errors you notice. If there are no apparent errors on the EDB, then contact the Payroll section for assistance. In any case, when the employee appears in the subsequent months, their usage can be adjusted

Error Messages/Conditions

If a YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED? — message displays, contact the Accounting Office (X2326) to get authorized. They can set up the security to allow you access.

All Fatal Errors are at the top of the screen and prevent further entry until the error is corrected.

* * * ABOVE TRANSACTION HAS ERRORS indicates the record above this message has a 'fatal' error. This record will not be updated until the error is fixed. Each fatal error must be corrected in turn, or further input is prohibited. PF9 will restore the record as it was before editing was attempted.

If the system detects a 'warning' error, a message will display underneath the record. An example of a warning error is if you entered a vacation taken amount that is greater than the current vacation balance. You will see a warning error message, but you may still update the record. Warning errors do not stop updating, but they may obscure further warning errors.

If you are on a screen with the word NEXT in the upper left hand corner, type PYLVMENU and you will be returned to the application's main menu.