General Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

No, an income fund cannot be used to pay an academic salary. Academic salaries are budgeted funds and are usually State Support, such as General Funds or Opportunity Funds.

Agency accounts are assigned to record activity that is considered Non-University such as student, faculty, staff, governmental and private organizations or activities and Campus Foundations--for which the University provides the agency services. Furthermore, the activities of these entities are usually closely related or even related to the activities of the University, and these entities in fact directly or indirectly provide services or benefits to the University community; i.e., students, staff and faculty.  Nonetheless the receipts and disbursements of funds, coming from these entities are not considered official units of the University.

      To request that an Agency Account be established, a letter should be submitted to the General Accounting Unit of Accounting Services & Controls. This letter should include the following:

•     purpose of the account, type of activity

•     department most closely related to the purpose; i.e., requesting department

•     individual responsible for the account and phone extension

•     requested title for the account

This letter must be signed by the control point signatory of the department submitting the request.

Transactions on balance sheet accounts should not have any sub or object code.

Unexpended balance transactions may have sub-0 and a transaction code.

Generally, balance sheet transactions should not be on UFIN 120s. Exceptions are Sales Tax to Income and Key Deposits.

All Loan account (1020XX) journal entries must have a fund number. UCSB sees this as a fund identifier, but UCOP sees an actual fund number.

There are three types of department codes used at UCSB:

  • Owner Code: the physical department, the employees, the account responsibility, the pots of money.
  • Mail Code: the place where things are mailed to. The reason for department codes that have no (UCSB) employees is that they were established to have an address to mail things to, such as off-campus locations.
  • Home department: used for Payroll—each employee is assigned to one department. The Department Code used in the Data Warehouse can represent either the Owner Code or the Mail Code.

NSFAS (Non-State Funded Administrative Support) is the mechanism whereby various departments are charged for administrative support. This is calculated by Alan Williams in the Budget Office, and questions should be directed to him.

Patent Income is to be used to support ongoing research and education programs.

Provision accounts are holding accounts with allocations for distribution to other accounts. They should have budgets, but no expenditures. There are two types of accounts:

  • The account number starts with an 8, but is not an agency account. These will have a UAS Code 800000.
  • The account number is in the regular account structure, in the range of 40XXXX – 78XXXX, with an Annual Report Code 800000.

Refer to the General Accounting website for banking information: Incoming Wire Transfers & ACH

Be sure to either fill out the Wire/ACH Notification Form or email Maureen Espinoza so Accounting personnel know to which account to credit the payment.

If you have an approved purchase order dated in the current fiscal year but have not received an invoice or made payment, have your business officer send an e-mail to Russell Remington requesting that Accounting accrue the expected new year payment. Include all relevant info in the request.

If you have received a payment for services that will not occur until the new year, have your business officer send an e-mail to Russell Remington requesting that Accounting defer the new year payment received. Include all relevant info in the request.

In either case, have your business officer send an e-mail to Russell Remington requesting that Accounting defer the new year expense or revenue. Include all relevant info in the request.

Contact Arliene Shelor in the Budget Office. If approved, she will contact the General Accounting Manager and Russell Remington in the Accounting Office, who will update the organization/responsibility structure tables and notify various campus personnel.

The income and expenditure accounts are separately maintained and not netted against each other. This allows the department to determine income and expenditure levels for proper budgeting. So while one is a credit and the other a debit, it’s important to look at the total when you evaluate your operation. At year end, Accounting will take that total fund balance and reappropriate to sub 8. This will be the history of your fund. The history plus the current income and expense will be your total operating position.

Send an email to Russell Remington in Accounting containing the following: reason for the fund request, name for the new fund (up to 30 characters) and an expenditure account to link to the new fund.

We do not accrue utilities. FM will make any necessary adjustments.

The department will need to convene the Rate and Recharge Committee (contact the Budget Office), and provide the necessary documentation to get approval. Thereafter, contact Russell Remington in the Accounting Office to have a journal number assigned.