Using BARC



Access to BARC is not granted by the BARC Office.  Access is granted by each individual department.  Your Department Security Administrator (DSA) must follow the three steps outlined below to provide BARC access for their employees. 

Step 1: Requirements needed before authorization for new BARC can be established

  • The staff member must have a Complete ID.
  • The staff member must be linked to ALLN02.
  1. If the staff member does not have a Com-Plete ID and/or is not linked to ALLN02, the Department Account
    Controller or Technical Contact should go to the following IS&C Web site and submit an All In One Access Request Form for that person:
  2. Once the form is submitted, the IS&C Security Administrator will start the process of creating a Com-Plete ID, if needed, and will link that ID (or an existing ID) to the ALLN02 Access System. When that process is complete, the IS&C Security Administrator notifies the requestor that they may now "add" this person in ALLN02.

Step 2: Identifying Security Groups for accessing the new BARC system

  1. Based on the functions of the new BARC system as shown in the Department User Table below, the department Business Officer/Manager must determine the appropriate Security Group to be assigned in the campus ALLN02 system for each staff member who will need to access the system.
  2. How to Read the Department User Table
    BARC functions are listed on the left side of the table and are grouped into two major areas:
    • Individual Customer Information: View, prepare and review of single customer accounts
    • Mass Access: View, prepare and review batch jobs and transaction details for multiple customer accounts

    ALLN02 Security Groups, listed at the top of the table, are mapped to the corresponding BARC functions.

    • View (AR-DA): This Group provides a department user with view only capability.
    • View & Prepare (AR-DAU): This Group provides a department user with the ability to view, prepare, and submit data for submission to the System
    • Review (AR-DAPR): This Group is for a brand new function. Department users in this group will receive notification to review transactions that have been submitted, either online or through mass batches, to the BARC system; also known as Post-Authorization Notification.

Step 3: Adding Security Groups to ALLN02

Once the department Business Officer/Manager has identified the appropriate Security Group(s), the Department Security Administrator (DSA) must add that Security Group (s) to each staff members record in ALLN01.



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