Amounts owed on your BARC Account

Amounts owed to the University while the student is attending (e.g. Registration Fees, Housing, Lab Fees, Fines, etc.) are charged directly to the student's BARC Account.  For inquiries about amounts owed on the BARC Account please contact the BARC Office at (805) 893-3756 or

Amounts owed on your Federal Perkins or Institutional Loans

In addition to any grants, scholarships, and federal Direct/Stafford/FFEL or private loans you received while attending UCSB, you may also have a Perkins Loan or one of several types of Institutional Loans offered by the University.  Institutional Loans include:

  • Short-Term Emergency  Loans
  • Teaching Assistant (TA) Loans
  • California Dream Loans
  • UCSB Loan
  • University Loans (a.k.a. Regent’s Loans)
  • Robert Noyce Teacher Scholars Repayable Scholarship (Noyce) Loans
  • Education Fee Loan (Ed. Fee)
  • Charles Den Bell Loans
  • Governor’s Teacher Scholars Repayable Scholarship (GTSRS) Loans

For more information about any of the loans listed above please refer to the Financial Aid website

A couple things you should know about your loan:

  • Your Perkins Loan and institutional loans are separate from any Direct/Stafford/FFEL or private loans you may have.
  • Your Perkins Loan and institutional loans are serviced by UCSB and Heartland ECSI (previously serviced by ACS). 
  • Your campus representative and the ECSI team are here to help you develop a realistic repayment strategy based on your situation.

UCSB has a dedicated team onsite to assist you. The key is communication as we have a number of beneficial tools which can be applied to your account. Let us know as soon as you fall behind in order to get back on track. Contact us at (805) 893-4204 or  

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Additional Resources

  • If you have questions regarding the transition from ACS to ECSI, please review these FAQ. If you are unable to find an answer, please contact ECSI at 1-888-549-3274
  • To view information on all federal student aid types, visit
  • To view all your federal student loans and your loan servicers, visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) website.
  • For consolidation information, visit the Department of Education website.
  • If you are and will continue to be unable to work for an indefinite period of time due to an injury or illness, you can apply for a Total and Permanent Disability discharge through Nelnet.
  • For general information regarding financial aid at UCSB or if you are a new student with questions about your financial aid package, visit the Financial Aid Office.