Amounts owed on your BARC Account

Amounts owed to the University while the student is attending (e.g. Registration Fees, Housing, Lab Fees, Fines, etc.) are charged directly to the student's BARC Account.  For inquiries about amounts owed on the BARC Account please contact the BARC Office at (805) 893-3756 or

Amounts owed on your Federal Perkins or Institutional Loans

One of the types of Direct Loans available to students while attending UCSB is the Perkins Loan.  Other loans collected directly by UCSB inclcude various Regents/University type institutional loans; University Dream loans; California Dream Loan; Noyce Loan; Charles Den Bell Loans and the Education Fee Loan. UCSB does not collect any Federal Direct/Stafford/FFEL or private loans you may have. If you are inquiring about your Perkins or Institutional loans you can contact the UCSB Student Loan and Debt Services group at (805) 893-4204 or at


Effective August 1, 2017 The University of California (UC) is pleased to announce that it has engaged the services of a Heartland ECSI, Inc. (ECSI) to replace ACS Education Service (ACS) as the servicer for all of the University's campus-based student loans. This is a system-wide change impacting all University of California campuses

ECSI will be responsible for sending borrowers student loan billing statements; processing student loan payments, forbearance, deferment, and cancellation request forms, and providing student loan account information.  Please review the following two documents for important information related to this change and interruptions to service during the transition. To view a copy of the email announcing this change, CLICK HERE.  For answers to frequently asked questions regarding this billing servicer change from ACS to ECSI, CLICK HERE.

Making Payments

Access to your University of California student loan account information via the ACS online system or via the ACS borrower call center will end after July 31, 2017. Processing of online electronic payments and other transactions by ACS borrower services staff will also cease after July 31, 2017.

The target date for ECSI staff to be able to provide complete borrower assistance and account information is August 18, 2017. Please note that from August 1 to August 18, neither ECSI nor UCSB staff will have access to view your student loan account information or be able to process any transactions, such as payments and requests for deferment, forbearance or cancellation.

It is important to note that if you are currently enrolled in Automatic Bill Payment (ABP) through ACS, this service will be terminated effective July 31, 2017. You will need to enroll for this service through the ECSI website.  Instructions for enrollment will be sent to you in your first bill from ECSI. (See Frequently asked questions 21 and 22).

It is important that borrowers note Late Fees will not be assessed for August bills that can't be paid during this time nor will any Credit Reporting take place.

ECSI will send bills in the mail that should arrive shortly after the August 18th transition is complete.  Once you receive a bill in the mail from ECSI you should immediately follow the instructions on that bill to create your account with ECSI. 

During this transition we strongly suggest that you view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Questions addressed in those FAQs include:
Q1. When does the change in student loan servicers take effect?
Q2. How long will ACS be able to provide student loan account information and assistance to me?
Q3. When will ECSI be able to provide student loan account information and assistance to me?
Q4. I received several different student loans while I attended UCSB. Which of these loans will be affected?
Q5. Once the student loan servicer transition to ESCI is complete, will I have a new student loan account number?
Q6. If I have loans at more than one UC campus, will I have the same student loan account number?
Q7. Will the due date of my payments change?
Q8. Will I be able to access my loan account on-line after the transition to ECSI?
Q9. Where do I send my payments?
Q10. What should I do if I know I have a payment due in August or September but did not receive a billing statement from either ACS or ECSI?
Q11. After the transition is complete, to what ECSI address should I send my payments?
Q12. If my payment is not credited to my account by the due date and the posting delay is a result of this loan servicer transition, will my loan be subject to a late fee?
Q13. If I’m late in making my payment, when will the late fee be assessed on my loan(s)?
Q14. How much will the late fee be after October 2017?
Q15. If my payment is not credited to my account by the due date and the posting delay is a result of this loan servicer transition, will any negative credit information be reported to the credit bureaus?
Q16. What happens if my check or electronic payment ‘bounces’?  (For example, I don’t have enough money in my bank account and my bank doesn’t honor my electronic or check payment.)
Q17. If I placed a ‘stop payment’ on my check because it was not negotiated in a timely manner, will I be subject to the return fee?
Q18. If my loan is presently in a deferred status, will I need to complete another deferment form to cover the same period of time?
Q19. If the period covered by the deferment processed by ACS will expire in July, August or September, what should I do if I’m still eligible to receive a deferment?
Q20. If I need to submit a Cancellation Request Form at this time, what do I do?
Q21. If I’m currently making my payments on my University of California loan(s) via ACS’ Automatic Bill Payment (ABP), what will happen as a result of this transition?
Q22. What is available if I want to continue or begin having my payments automatically deducted by ECSI from my bank account?
Q23. When and where can I enroll in Recurring ACH Payments with ECSI?
Q24. How long does it take ECSI to process my completed Recurring ACH Payment enrollment?
Q25. Where can I obtain additional information or clarification regarding the loan servicing transition and the impact it may have on my loan(s)?
Q26. Where can I obtain additional information about the services ECSI provides