Follow above directions to get to RX/LX. Then do an RX transaction to reverse the eight hours of vacation taken and LX transaction for the eight hours of sick leave taken. Here is an example:

The first thing you need to do is check the payroll calendar to see when the window opens/closes for Financial Leave Reporting (same date as Supplemental Payroll). Then you go to the Main menu on PPS. At the Next Func field, type EDAT and press <Enter> to select Dept. Adjustment Transaction. Once you are in EDAT, type EDLR in the Next Func field to select the Late/Reduce Pay. Tab to the I.D.

You need to do an LX transaction to give the employee an additional 2 hours of vacation for each pay period. Here is an example:

Seq: _______Tr: LX Per End: 083199 Pay Cy: M Dst: 33 E: __ T: __D: Ttl: 7616
LACFPS: 8 681059 ____19900___ 1 Rate: 2700.00 AH: A
DOS: ___ Time: ____H% __DOS: VLA Hr: 2.00 DOS: ___Hr: ____WSP: ____

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