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Annual Reminder: Theft-Sensitive Items


To: Campus Community

Fr: Jacob Godfrey, Chief Procurement Officer, Business & Financial Services (BFS)
Re: Annual Reminder: Theft-Sensitive Items

In an effort to promote a safer work environment we encourage everyone to secure theft-sensitive items and personal valuables like cash, phones, and keys. Securing these items can help minimize theft and discourage opportunistic individuals and groups from targeting our campus workspace. Department Heads and Department Administrators should also ensure theft-sensitive non-inventorial items like laptops, cell phones, gift cards, and stamps are secured and monitored.

If you experience or detect a theft, please report the incident to your Department Administrator, UCSB Police, and Risk Management. 

Local Guidelines

Theft-sensitive items include:

  • Cash & Cash Equivalents (e.g., event tickets, parking and bus passes, etc.)
  • Computers, laptops, cell phones, cameras, video and teleconferencing equipment
  • Tools, parts, materials
  • Pianos, other musical instruments, and production equipment
  • Furniture, appliances (e.g., microwaves, mini-fridges)
  • Consumable alcohol
  • Other theft-sensitive items
Each department should:
  • Identify theft-sensitive non-inventorial items to track
  • Establish internal controls and procedures
  • Conduct an inventory of theft-sensitive items annually
Examples of theft-sensitive inventory and non-inventory templates are available at: Equipment Management – Forms
UC Policy References (Excerpts)

BUS-10 Principles of Accountability with Respect to Financial Transactions
Department Heads and Department Administrators (DAs) Compliance Responsibilities: Ensure cash and cash equivalents are secure.

BUS-49 Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received
Cash and cash equivalents must be locked in a secure receptacle or safe at all times except when signed out by a cashier for working cash.
BFB IS-3 Electronic Information Security
Departments should establish procedures to ensure physical security for portable devices and media housed within their immediate work area and under their control, such as laptop computers, PDA's, memory sticks, CD ROM's, etc.
BFB-BUS-29 Management and Control of University Equipment
Items purchased for less than $5,000 or that have an expected normal life of one year or less, which are not inventoried as equipment…are subject to local University location inventory control procedures.