Students can request that a credit balance remain on their BARC Account by contacting the BARC Office. Simply request that your refund status be changed to: “Leave On Account” or LOA. You can also cancel this refund status at any time. Requests may be made at our office or by contacting us at (805) 893-3756 or

Where circumstances make it impossible for funds to be electronically transferred to a personal checking account (e.g., students living abroad, foreign students, etc), special arrangements can be made by contacting the BARC Office.

If you are currently enrolled in eRefund, and your banking information has changed, you must go back to MyBARC and update your banking information.

eRefund is effective immediately. The moment you sign up it is in place.

The student’s name must appear on the checking account; joint accounts are acceptable.

You will be sent an Email to your UMAIL address prior to the settlement of funds in your checking account. Questions about whether funds are available for you to use should be directed to your banking institution.

You can also view refund transactions on the MyBARC website (

Yes. You follow the same steps as the students receiving Financial Aid. Sign up using MyBARC. Complete, step-by-step instructions can be found at:

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