The Payroll Division is not qualified to answer this question. You should contact a tax accountant. However, we will be able to tell you what your taxes will be if you provide us with the number of exemptions you wish to claim and your marital status.

Go back and add all of your pay check stubs. The additional federal and state tax, though listed separately on your check stub, is also added to the total federal and state tax amounts.

You may be adding the wrong paycheck stub. The first one you should be adding is the check you received Jan. 1 and the last one you will add is the one you received Dec. 1 (unless you received additional payments on the 5th working day in December or the supplemental payment paid on approximately December 19).

Box 9, if checked, indicates that you were enrolled in a graduate program for one or more quarters during the tax year. The University checks this box if you attended as a graduate student for any quarter of your enrollment during the tax year.

Box 4 ("Adjustments made for a prior year") shows any refunds during the current year for payments of "qualified tuition and related expenses" reported on a 1098-T for a prior tax year.  For example, if you paid Winter 2009 registration fees when due in December 2008, "qualified tuition" for that quarter would have been reported on your 1098-T for 2008.

These boxes are blank because the information is not applicable to UCSB as the filer of your 1098-T.


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