The Best Buy store in town will not take a PO, but we do have a UC business rep that will take a Purchase Order. Michael Jennings, 612-292-0440, can help with SKU's, or you can find the product at Once you have your SKU, enter a Non-Catalog PO in Gateway to Best Buy, and the order will fax to Michael.

Our Dell rep has made efforts to make the Sales Created E-Quotes portal easy to use.

Please check out the instructions for any help or tips on how to access that part of the portal if it is unfamilar to you!


Dell's punch-out contains a mixed content blocker which can interfere with certain browsers.

Browsers that cannot effectively punch-out due to the mixed content blocker will punch-out to a blank screen or scrambled text.

If this happens to you, there are a couple workarouns provided by Dell while they work on a permanent fix for the issue.

Any supplier in this Supplier Class is immediately set up for "Three-Way Match" due to past invoicing issues with departments; the invoice, departmental receipt and purchase order need to match in order for payment to be processed.

This gives departments an extra way to watch payments go through the system.

Suppliers currently in this supplier class are:

You have the option of using the Walk-In PO Form. You can print out your order and hand it to the vendor directly to receive your items; the PO will not be forwarded to the vendor through Gateway. You also still have the option to use your FlexCard.

First, your department must submit an "Add Supplier Form" to our Helpdesk to add the Vendor to Gateway. Once you receive the notification from Purchasing that your vendor is available for use, you can start filling your cart.

Please select Xerox Corporation for any order for a large business machine or maintenance renewal.

Please select Xerox Direct for any desk printers and accessories.

Need to order Apple Products? Click here.

Using the FlexCard for transactions with Amazon is still allowed and appropriate.

Since UCOP was unable to renew the Qiagen catalog, Qiagen products can be purchased through the VWR punch-out.

A benefit of utilizing the VWR punch-out for the purchase of Qiagen products is reduced shipping costs. We have found that VWR charges a flat rate of around $40 for shipping which is significantly reduced from the hundreds of dollars in shipping charges that were being seen from buying direct from Qiagen.

If you are having problems accessing the McMaster-Carr Punchout follow the instructions below for deleting the cookie. If you have logged into McMaster Carr's website in the past for purchasing online, you'll need to clear the "cookie" before the Punchout will work:

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