Somtimes a supplier will need a zero dollar purchase order.

Gateway will not accept a "0.00" dollar value, as it does not understand wanting to buy something that does not cost anything.

To "trick" the system, simply enter in a quantity of "1" and a price of "0.001". When added to your cart, the extended price will round to "0.00" dollars, which is what the supplier receives on the Purchase Order.

Object codes in Gateway are linked to Commodity Codes. Once the Commodity Code is established, you can choose from one of the object codes that are linked to that particular commodity code.

For a listing of Commodity Codes and their available Object Codes - please refer to the "Resources" section of our website.

What is a toxin?

A toxin is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms. Toxins can be small molecules, peptides, or proteins that are capable of causing disease on contact with or absorption by human tissues. Examples of toxins: abrin, botulinum toxin, diacetoxyscirpenol, ricin, shiga toxin, tetanus toxin, tetrodotoxin.

Please note that items that are listed as "restricted", does not mean that you cannot purchase them. It just means that your purchase will need an extra set of eyes or approval.

If you need to mark your requisition as containing Restricted Items, you can do so on the "Requisition Summary" tab of your requisiton.

On this page, you will see a "Purchase Details" section, containing a dropdown menu of all of the items this campus has marked as restricted.

By selecting an item from that list, your requisition will automatically route to the correct campus approver.

Once you have finalized your cart, you have the ability to attach documents to your requisition. Under the "Requisition Summary" tab there is a "Notes and Attachments" section that is perfect for this.

Internal Notes and Attachments will stay visible to campus only and will NOT go to the supplier.
External Notes and Attachments will be sent with the purchase order to the supplier.

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