SHI MCCA renewals require a Purchase Order number and a entry component direct on their webiste. However, submission of a purchase order direct to SHI can cause a duplication of your order, which you will be responsible for the cost. We have created a workaround in order to obtain a purchase order in the system without sending the PO to the supplier. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Login to Gateway using your UCSB Net ID

Yes; you can view 5 comparisons at a time.

No. The "Shop" search bar that runs across the top of the homepage will only search through our Hosted Catalogs as it does not have the ability to connect with multiple websites and search those product lists.

You would need to search the punch-outs individually for their products.

This will depend on the supplier, as some of our integrations are more robust than others. You still may need to contact the vendor for certain information.

It is important to remember that ALL animal tissue purchases MUST use the Animal Tissue Form found on the Gateway Homepage. This form routes to our Campus Veterinarian for review and approval.

If the order is on requires Commodity Approval, a restricted commodity, uses federal funds, or is non-catalog over $9,999.99, a quote is required. Procurement Services requires proof of pricing, whether it be on a quote, email from the vendor, or screenshot of a marketbasket with a timestamp.

There are three ways to shop using Gateway: Punch-outs, Hosted Catalogs and Non-Catalog.

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