Requisitions pending department approval for longer than 90 days will be returned to the requester. The draft cart can then be deleted OR updated with a current quote, account strings, etc. and re-submitted.

Depending on the type of purchase that you are making, your order might need additional approvals outside of your department's workflow approvals. Your order will stop automatically with these particular campus entities depending on your purchase selections. Some other campus entities that are involved with approvals are:

  • Campus Purchasing
  • Risk Management
  • EH&S

An Ad-Hoc Approver is NOT a required role for your department to assign in your workflow. This is simply a role that you can assign on a case by case basis if you are ever in need of an extra approval or set of eyes on a particular order.

Yes, there are no limits to the number of people you have assigned to any one role.

An Account Approver is someone in your department that has approval to sign off on your funding. This would be someone that has had signature authority for you in the past on your particular funding sources. You can assign one or all of the following six different approval limits to an Account Approver for a particular account string.
They are:

Your Department Buyer can check the order in one of two places:
PRE-Approval, which means that they are the final set of eyes and are making all of their changes before your Account Approver is signing off on the funding
POST-Approval, which means that they are the final set of eyes and are making all of their changes after your Account Approver signs off on the funding.

The Department Buyer should be considered the "Purchasing Authority" in your department. This is the person that knows their way around your funding, object codes, restricted items and purchasing guidelines. This role will really be the final set of eyes on all of your orders and should be the one to make sure that what was initially selected by the Requester was correct.

A Requester functions essentially in the same way as a Shopper, except that they are allowed to commit funds on behalf of the University. Requesters kick-off orders for a department by doing the shopping and building carts through the system. Unlike Shoppers, they can finalize orders, sending them into your department's workflow.

A Shopper is the most basic role in Gateway. Anyone on campus with a UCSB NetID can be a Shopper, simply by logging in. However, Shoppers only have basic view access - they can only view the catalogs and punch-outs and build carts. They are not able to finalize their carts as they are not allowed to commit funds on behalf of the University. To finalize their orders, they will need to assign their carts to a requester.

No, you will not be notified when you receive a new role. The best way to find out what roles you have is to look under your profile, then "user settings", and finally "roles".

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