Factor accrual methodology will be used to accrue vacation and sick leave for all employee populations in UCPath except faculty.

PPS currently supports factor accrual for all populations, and table accrual for monthly. Campuses with BW pay cycles typically use table accrual for the academic titles (who are on the MO cycle) and factor accrual for all other employees.

A Benefits-Deduction Holiday is the third payday in a month that has three biweekly pay period end dates within the month. This paycheck will have no fixed benefits/deductions taken, only percentage based deductions will be taken.

Beginning with W-2s for 2013, slightly different pay periods will be reported than in the past due to the fact that your wages are reported based on when the funds have been made available to you. With a monthly schedule, the entire month of December is reported in the next tax year, because you always receive the funds for the entire month of December in January.

Your income will continue to be taxed according to the Federal W-4 and State DE-4 forms you currently have on file. Your biweekly earnings will be taxed based on the biweekly tax schedules set by the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board. To review your current W-4 and DE-4 elections, visit At Your Service Online.

If you set up your contributions as a percentage deduction, the percentage amount will be taken each payday. For example, if your current 403(b) contribution is set at 5% per month, a 5% contribution will be made each biweekly payday.

If the garnishment deduction is calculated as a percentage of your earnings, a deduction will occur each pay period, up to the maximum deduction allowed based on federal and state regulations.

For months with three paychecks, one paycheck will have no fixed deductions taken (e.g. transit and parking deductions, credit union deductions, 403(b) loan payments, etc.). These paydays, referred to as “benefits-deduction holidays,” will occur twice a year. Please refer to the 2013 UCSB Payday Calendar.

Yes, Payroll deductions will be split across the biweekly paychecks. Deductions are either a fixed amount (e.g. $25) or a percentage of earnings (e.g. 2%). Fixed deductions are divided and deducted twice monthly. Percentage based deductions are deducted every check. During the initial transition, benefits deductions will be taken from all three paychecks received in February.

Your sick and vacation accruals may be calculated based on a factor accrual rate. This means that your sick and vacation accrual amount will vary each pay period based on your factor and the hours you work.

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