This is a dilemma! However you do have some options. The University Travel Policy (Business and Finance Bulletin G-28) states that reimbursement should be for actual costs only. This policy follows IRS regulations, limiting reimbursements to actual expenditures.

There are several issues you want to think about before making the software purchase.

1. Purchasing Policy #5330 (Currently Under Review) states: "University credit, purchasing power, and facilities may not be used to purchase goods or services for non-University purposes." By making personal purchases, the University contract for the software prices is at risk.

A valid UCSB parking permit is required at all times. Click to view your options for purchasing a short-term or long-term visitor parking permit. View the campus Interactive Map to get help locating campus buildings and nearby parking sites.

Accounting Services & Controls recommends that for any conference expecting revenue over $10,000, the department should set up a new income account if they do not already have one. This can be done by contacting General Accounting at x2372.

This question involves several issues:

1) Having food at an office meeting
2) Using petty cash to purchase food
3) Purchasing food from Costco

The department telephones are a University resource, and fall under the Electronic Communications Policy, allowing for incidental use. However, long distance toll calls for personal business do not fall under incidental use, and the University should be reimbursed by employees for personal calls.

Although these funds are “discretionary,” these funds are still the property of the UC Regents and fall under university policies and guidelines. As such, there are a number of issues surrounding payroll and hiring an employee, regardless of the funding source.

It is not ok to pay an employee with personal funds prior to the employee being hired in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) for a number of reasons:

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