Any LX/RX transactions processed after the window closes for the supplemental payroll will not show on the time benefits roster until the following month. The best time to process LX/RX for Financial Leave Reporting is on the Supplemental Payroll. Any adjustments made on MO or MA payroll cycle will show on the following month.

The maximum accrual is determined by the leave code and the hours or percent time an employee works in a month. Leave code A and G accrue 10 hours in a month if the employee works at 100%. If you take10 hours and multiply by 12 months that will equal 120 hours. Next take 120 hours and multiply by 2 years, and that will give you vacation maximumof 240 hours.

If an employee reaches the maximum allowed vacation for their leave code inthe system, the system will not let them accrue any additional hours. Please encourage your employee to take time off so he or she will not lose the time. Once the employee has used vacation time you need to do an LX transaction to increase lost vacation (VLA) as well as report vacation usage.

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