Overtime Straight, Overtime Premium, Sick Leave Taken, Compensatory Time Off, and Compensatory Time Paid will automatically be charged to sub 2 no matter in what sub the original entry was made.

If the sick leave balance is greater then 80 hours, the PPS will reduce the sick leave balance to 80 hours 16 days from the separation date. The PPS will maintain 80 hours of sick leave balance for 6 months. Six months from the separation date, the PPS will initilize sick leave hours to zero. If the sick leave balance is less than 80 hours, the PPS will zero out the balance 6 months after the separation date.

Regardless of the sick leave balance, after three months of separation, the PPS will adjust the balance to zero. This applies to separation reason codes RA, RB, RC, and RD.

Sick leave accrued is never paid to an employee when he/she leaves the University.

Follow above directions to get to RX/LX. Then do an RX transaction to reverse the eight hours of vacation taken and LX transaction for the eight hours of sick leave taken. Here is an example:

Please go into your ILAH screen and you will notice the leave code for the employee. The leave code determines the number of hours of vacation and sick leave the employee accrues. Go into your PPS update screen (EAPP) and change to the proper leave code after consulting the Financial Leave Manual. Go into the EDLR screen and do an RX transaction for vacation accrued in error (VLA) and sick accrued in error (SLA).

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