The hiring department should send a memo to the payroll office indicating the vacation and sick leave balances that need to be updated for the employee.

Because of the implementation of Financial Leave Reporting, you are not required to transfer vacation or sick leave balances when an employee transfers to another department.

Please research and correct entries. For example, if the report states that “vacation hours taken or paid exceeds accrued balance” there is a possibility that too much time was reported for the employee.

Call the payroll office for help. (Do not attempt to correct erroneous entry yourself.)

Overtime Straight, Overtime Premium, Sick Leave Taken, Compensatory Time Off, and Compensatory Time Paid will automatically be charged to sub 2 no matter in what sub the original entry was made.

In order to match the time card against IHRS screen, you need to subtract current month accruals. Remember the IHRS screen takes the ending balance of the previous month and adds the current month accruals.

EDLR screen lets you process late time (LX) and reduction of time (RX). Remember that processing (LX) and (RX) for Financial Leave is treated differently. For example, to process Financial Leave, let’s say an employee takes 8 hours of vacation last month, which was not reported. You will need to do a LX VAC 8.00. This will reduce the employee’s balance by 8 hours. Refer to pages 7 and 8 in the Financial Leave Reporting Manual.

Any LX/RX transactions processed after the window closes for the supplemental payroll will not show on the time benefits roster until the following month. The best time to process LX/RX for Financial Leave Reporting is on the Supplemental Payroll. Any adjustments made on MO or MA payroll cycle will show on the following month.


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