When the pay date is scheduled before the appointment end date because of a conflict with a holiday or weekend, it is permissible to use Surepay for employees with such appointment end dates. For example, a monthly-paid employee enrolled in Surepay has an appointment end date of June 30, 2001. The employee will receive pay for the month of June on June 29 because the normal pay date (i.e., July 1) falls on Sunday, a non-working day.

It does not appear that the use of Surepay will satisfy the Code. Section 213(d) provides: “If an employer discharges an employee or the employee quits [a] voluntary authorization for deposit shall be deemed terminated” and the employee must be paid according to “this article relating to the payment of wages.” A discharged employee must be paid immediately, which contemplates in person.

SurePay Automatic Deposit will be effective approximately 25 days from the date the Pay Disposition Request form is received by the Payroll Division Office. This initial period is used by the banking system to verify your account number. The same 25-day waiting period is invoked should you change financial institutions or your deposit account number.

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