Procurement Services

Green Initiative Fund Grant Applications and Awards

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) was started in 2006, passed by an overwhelming student majority vote to increase student fees on behalf of the environment. The fund supports roughly $170,000 a year in sustainability projects across campus that aim to reduce UCSB's environmental impact. Procurement has proposed and been awarded grants for several successful projects since the funds creation.

2017 - Replacing Paper Towels with Electric Hand Dryers in High Use Restrooms ($20,729)


Converted ten of the highest use restrooms on campus, outside lecture halls at Girvetz, Physical Sciences Building North, North Hall, and Chemistry from paper towel dispensers to high speed electric hand dryers. These energy-efficient hand dryers provide a quick, sanitary, and waste-free alternative to paper towels, using less water, and emitting less carbon dioxide across their lifecycle than the manufacturing and disposal of paper towels. This project is estimated to yield annual savings of nearly $10,000, waste reductions of over 13,000 pounds, carbon emission reductions by 76%, and a payback of just over 3 years.

2014 - Sustainable Purchasing (not funded)

This proposal was to contract an outside consultant to identify sustainable purchasing opportunities, engage two interns to highlight identified products through our Gateway e-procurement system, and market products to the campus.

2013 - Last Mile Delivery ($5,050)

Hired a graduate student to work with purchasing staff to analyze the distribution of vendor goods in order to determine the feasibility and sustainability value of cross dock last mile delivery using electric vehicles. At UCSB, a large fleet of gas burning vehicles delivers packages to hundreds of locations in and around the campus every day. Many of these deliveries originate from a small population of vendors that could significantly reduce their carbon emissions by consolidating delivery routes to a single delivery point for a “last mile” delivery by a dedicated campus-based fleet of low impact green vehicles.

2012 - Green Gateway Procurement ($17,000)

Hired a student team to analyze the spend behavior of campus and establish criteria to eliminate “green washing” of Gateway catalog products. The students classified "green," or sustainable product attribute data into the Gateway product catalogs. By providing transparent and reliable sustainability information that is easily accessible to campus buyers, this project helped increase the purchase of sustainable goods and services at UCSB. Data on purchasing behavior resulting from the project assisted procurement staff in identify patterns and training opportunities in environmentally preferable purchasing.

2011 - Going Green: Launching an Electronic Purchase Order Information System (not funded)

This proposal was to upgrade the legacy procurement system in an effort to eliminate paper-based purchase orders.