Procurement Services

Types of Transactions

At this time only Goods and Services will go through Gateway. More types of services will be available over time.

Change orders can only be accomodated for Vendor Blankets in Gateway using the VB Revision Form. This Form will allow you to change the dollar amount, period of coverage, description, and account string.

If you have a budgetary change for standard purchases ("SBs"); this would be handled as a TOE or cancel the order and reissue a new order if the vendor hasn't fulfilled the order yet. These will be treated as TOEs.

If the supplier responds with an unavailability of an item, or a substitute item; these changes can either be made on the Receiving side of the order, or treated with a cancellation of the order and reissuing with the revised item(s).

Once a Purchase Order has been submitted through Gateway, with or without Campus Purchasing's involvement, contact the vendor directly via phone to cancel the order. Then, send an email to to have a Systems Administrator in Purchasing cancel your order in Gateway.

Not at this time. This is part of the larger rollout.

Generally speaking, Flexcard and Gateway are two separate purchasing processes.

The only time that they two processes intermingle is when a Flexcard transaction requires a purchase order as back-up in order to raise a limit on a card or to purchase a restricted item.

You can create a purchase order in the system using the Flexcard Authorization Form. Instructions for use of the form can be found by clicking here.

This form will go through your departmental approval process and will then route to the Flexcard Team to raise your limit or to approve of the restricted item.

Once they approve, you will get a purchase order number to confirm that your limit has been raised or your restricted item has been approved.

The Flexcard purchase order begins with an "F" rather than a "GW" and automatically closes so that invoices cannot pay against it.

You will still be able to retrieve and utilize info from GUS and Coupa while using Gateway.