Procurement Services

Tips and Troubleshooting

While logged into Gateway, click on Your Name > View My Profile > User Settings > Email Preferences.

You can scroll through each section and decide what kind of notification you would like (either an email, a notification, both or none).

Firefox 3.6 and IE 7 are NOT recommended. They will not support the Phoenix User Interface and will prevent users from logging in.

Recommended Browsers:


  • Internet Explorer (IE) 9, 10
  • Chrome - latest version - automatically updated by Google
  • Firefox - latest version - automatically updated by Mozilla
  • Opera 10 and higher


  • Safari 4.0 and higher
  • Firefox - latest version - automatically updated by Mozilla


  • Safari - embedded browser within the iPad

Please note:

  • Safari is recommended by SciQuest, but not all Supplier punch-out sites support this browser. If you are experiencing issues, try switching browsers.
  • iPad is recommended by SciQuest, but not all Supplier punch-out sites support use of this device.
  • Email approvals are designed to work with embedded browsers for Android, Blackberry, and IPhone/Ipad mobile devices. Readibility of emails vary based on email client and formatting selected.

Dell's punch-out contains a mixed content blocker which can interfere with certain browsers.

Browsers that cannot effectively punch-out due to the mixed content blocker will punch-out to a blank screen or scrambled text.

If this happens to you, there are a couple workarouns provided by Dell while they work on a permanent fix for the issue.

For users that rarely punch-out to Dell, they suggest switching browsers and seeing if access will be granted for that instance by another browser.

For users that are heavy users of the punch-out, please view the two screenshot walk-throughs for fixes provided by Dell Support.

Please be sure to consult with your IT department for any help or before making any changes to your browser settings per your departmental best practices.


Google Chrome Users

Firefox Users


Please click here for directions with screen prints on how to use Gateway for looking up payment status. Alternatively, here's a quick list:

Pull up your Purchase Order in Gateway.

Click on the “Invoices” tab.

Click on the invoice in question.

Now that you’re viewing your invoice in Gateway, look for “Pay Status in “AP Information” on the right side of the screen.

If the status is Payable: This means AP has marked the invoice as “ok to pay”. PeopleSoft has queued up the invoice to send out a check.

If the status is In Process: Click on the “Approvals” tab, to see where in the process your invoice is. You will see which step the invoice is in, by looking for the word “Active”.


If you're using Internet Explorer, and getting the following error: "This content cannot be displayed in a frame", try this:

1.       In Internet Explorer, go to the top right of the screen, and click on the gear symbol, and selection Internet Options.


2.       Go to the Privacy tab, and select Sites


3.       Type in and click Allow


4.       Make sure it says Always Allow and click OK.


5.       Click OK again and then try reconnecting to the Punchout Site. If this doesn't work for you, email us at