Procurement Services


If your order is held up in the approvals workflow, you can view the status by selecting your Purchase Requisition, and viewing the tab for “PR Approvals” – and then by clicking on “view approvers”.

Yes, you so have to wait to receive the final Purchase Order number; at which time the PO will be submitted automatically to the vendor.

Ad Hoc Steps are designed to aid departments who require additional approvals or review due to Federal Guidelines or the individual departmental process. Once an AdHoc has been selected, there is no way to remove the step.

If the Sub and Object Code are not populated on the requisition, the PR will go into an error status and return to the original requester. The History Tab on the requisition will contain information on why the order is not passing the validation. Another reason you may feel you're approving orders over and over is if your department is setup with Pre and Post Approval. Check the PR Approvals tab to see the workflow.