Procurement Services

Ordering in Gateway

There are three ways to shop using Gateway: Punch-outs, Hosted Catalogs and Non-Catalog.

  • Punch-Outs: Using a "punch-out" means that you are connecting directly to a hosted website for the supplier that features UCSB pricing. You will build your shopping cart on their site and then by "checking out", you transfer the information back into Gateway to finalize. We currently have 12 punch-outs that you can access by clicking their logo on the homepage in Gateway. You can distinguish punch-outs from Hosted-Catalogs, as punch-outs have a small arrow in the right hand corner of their logo. You will not need to log-in to any punch-out site to access it.
  • Hosted Catalogs: A Hosted Catalog is a supplier that has uploaded their pricing into Gateway. Rather than being transferred to a hosted website to shop, you can search for catalog products by either entering keywords in the "Shop" bar that runs across the top of the homepage or by clicking directly on their logo to search.
  • Non-Catalog Suppliers: These are suppliers where we do not have verified pricing enabled in Gateway. It will be up to you to verify your pricing (either through a quote, their website, or perhaps a physical copy of their catalog) and use that to manually build a cart with them. You can build a cart with these suppliers by clicking the "Non-Catalog" link found under the "Shop" bar on the homepage.

If the order is on requires Commodity Approval, a restricted commodity, uses federal funds, or is non-catalog over $9,999.99, a quote is required. Procurement Services requires proof of pricing, whether it be on a quote, email from the vendor, or screenshot of a marketbasket with a timestamp. Backing up your purchase requisition with pricing information such as a quote, email with pricing, or screenshot of website pricing will support and assist if any transactional issues were to arise with invoicing and audits. Here are a list of reasons why obtaining a quote is necessary:

  • Pricing remains firm for 30 days or more depending what is on the quote, that way the vendor can't increase the pricing.
  • A quote is needed to compare information on the requisition to make sure everything is entered correctly. Ex. Part # or price.
  • A lead time is necessary for the department so they know when to expect the goods.  (make sure items are in stock)
  • Who pays for shipping and what are the terms of payment?  There are a times when payment is not net 30 and the vendor wants prepayment or 50% down.
  • Warranty information is sometimes listed on the quote which can be helpful if your item breaks down before the warranty period is over.
  • What country the items are coming from can be listed on the quote, which allows the Buyers to add a Customs Broker to the order.

It is important to remember that ALL animal tissue purchases MUST use the Animal Tissue Form found on the Gateway Homepage. This form routes to our Campus Veterinarian for review and approval.

When UCSB investigators contract with other institutions (public or private) to generate custom antibodies, Federal regulations and UCSB IACUC Guidelines require that our IACUC confirm that the other institution has appropriate vertebrate animal procedures and approvals (i.e. PHS Assurance and USDA Registration).

Here are some questions to consider when using the Animal Tissue Form:

  • Does the PHS Policy apply to the production of custom antibodies or to the purchase of surgically modified animals?
    The generation of custom antibodies is an activity involving vertebrate animals and covered by PHS Policy. Antibodies are considered customized if produced using antigen(s) provided by or at the request of the investigator (i.e., not purchased off-the-shelf). An organization producing custom antibodies for an awardee must have or obtain an Assurance, or be included as a component of the awardee’s Assurance. In addition, the awardee must provide verification of project-specific IACUC approval for the production of the antibodies.
  • Does the PHS Policy apply to use of animal tissue or materials obtained from dead animals?
    The use of dead animals or parts of animals is not covered by the PHS Policy unless the activity involves (1) killing animals for the purpose of obtaining or using their tissues or other materials, or (2) project-specific antemortem manipulation of animals prior to killing them. If either circumstance is applicable to the acquisition of dead animals, body parts or tissues, prior IACUC protocol review and approval are required.

Please click here for a full copy of the Custom Antibody Protocol Form

This will depend on the supplier, as some of our integrations are more robust than others. You still may need to contact the vendor for certain information.

No. The "Shop" search bar that runs across the top of the homepage will only search through our Hosted Catalogs as it does not have the ability to connect with multiple websites and search those product lists.

You would need to search the punch-outs individually for their products.

Yes; you can view 5 comparisons at a time.

SHI MCCA renewals require a Purchase Order number and a entry component direct on their webiste. However, submission of a purchase order direct to SHI can cause a duplication of your order, which you will be responsible for the cost. We have created a workaround in order to obtain a purchase order in the system without sending the PO to the supplier. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Login to Gateway using your UCSB Net ID

2. Select the "non-catalog" item feature from the Home/Shop page

3. Select "SHI MCCA" as the supplier (not just SHI!). SHI MCCA is important as that supplier is set to "manual" distribution where your purchase order will not transmit to the supplier when workflow is complete.

4. Enter individual line items for the software you are renewing

5. Once the Purchase Order is approved, it will not distribute to the supplier, but will still complete and give you a "GW" number to use to renew through the SHI webiste

6. Use the "GW" purchase order number to renew via the SHI webiste as instructed

7. Print out a copy of the purchase order for your records if needed