Procurement Services


First, make sure that your Gateway Purchase Order Number is written clearly on the invoice.

You can either send your invoice via campus mail to Accounting or to the new email set-up to receive invoices:

Please note that this email address is strictly for the receiving of invoices. There will not be any correspondence regarding invoice status.

The Invoice Tolerances are as follows:

  • Shipping and Handling: $105 over
  • Line Items: $200 or 20% difference on the original price
  • Tax: $10 over or $400 under

Please click here for a comprehensive guide to Accounting's Invoice Process.

If your supplier needs pre-payment or a deposit on a purchase order, ask for an invoice from the supplier that you can submit to Accounting.

For Accounting's ability to expedite payment, the invoice should reflect the percentage of the discount on all line items, rather than one bulk sum so that the pre-payment or discount amounts line up to specific line items on your purchase order.

When you have the invoice, submit it to and ensure that it references your full "GW" purchase order number.

Make sure to also cost receive on your purchase order for the amount of the pre-payment/deposit invoice's grand total, so that you are approving payment to be released against your invoice.

For help cost receiving, please click here.

Match Exceptions will be done by AP. Accounts Payable has the responsibility to contact the appropriate department(s).

Liens are not captured in this system; departments will continue to use the Data Warehouse, shadow systems, or your own accounting to track liens.

Please click here for directions with screen prints on how to use Gateway for looking up payment status. Alternatively, here's a quick list:

Pull up your Purchase Order in Gateway.

Click on the “Invoices” tab.

Click on the invoice in question.

Now that you’re viewing your invoice in Gateway, look for “Pay Status in “AP Information” on the right side of the screen.

If the status is Payable: This means AP has marked the invoice as “ok to pay”. PeopleSoft has queued up the invoice to send out a check.

If the status is In Process: Click on the “Approvals” tab, to see where in the process your invoice is. You will see which step the invoice is in, by looking for the word “Active”.


For examples on what is taxed and what isn't taxed, click here.