Procurement Services

Do I submit a PO in Gateway, or should I process a Form 5?

The below table taken from the Accounting Manual: Disbursements policy can help your department determine if a Purchase Order or Form 5 is required. (Note: Reimbursements to University employees for purchases of goods (e.g. departmental supplies, etc.) should be discouraged as there are other options for making such purchases, including the Flexcard. An employee may not be reimbursed for payments to third parties for services, except for expenses incurred in connection with business travel and entertainment.)

Type of Item Purchase Order Required Authorization Required for Payment Policy Links
Computers and Related Equipment Yes    
Conference Registration Fees No Approval as required by campus policy (department may approve if no policy to the contrary). Payment is approved by Travel Expense Voucher (Form U85) or equivalent form. If no travel is involved, or fees billed directly to the University, payment can be made by Form 5 or equivalent  
Construction Contract Payments No Approval by campus architects and engineers office or physical plant department, (Design & Construction) as appropriate  
Consultants No Approval by executing officers designated by the Vice President or Chancellor on consultant agreement. Expenditures must be made in accordance with BFB-BUS-34, Securing the Services of Independent Consultants (see also Independent Contractors) BFB-BUS-34
Entertainment No Approval of expenditures must be in accordance with BFB-BUS-79, Entertainment BFB-BUS-79
Equipment (Inventorial) Yes    
Equipment (Non- Inventorial) Yes    
Fees for Architects No Approval in accordance with procedures set forth in University Facilities Manual  
Artists, and Special Services such as the following: Sign Painters, Poster Makers, Window Decorators, Illustrations by artists, Testing lab fees, Soil tests, Building Material tests, Machine shop charges for use of special equipment, Manuscript work Yes If an employee-vendor relationship exists, a special report must also be prepared (see BFB-BUS-43, Material Management) BFB-BUS-43
Freight No Accounting office should verify that 1) F.O.B. terms indicate that freight payment is the University's responsibility, 2) freight on goods received is authorized by the purchase order covering the goods, and 3) goods are shipped by the carrier specified in the purchase order (the University has negotiated reduced rates with some carriers). (See AM-D371-28, Freight) AM-D371-28
Grants from campus funds (for Faculty research, travel, etc.) No Offices designated by the Chancellor  
Honoraria No Approval of the Chancellor or Vice President, or by a person who has been delegated such authority. (See AM-D371-35, Honorarium Payments) AM-D371-35
Human subjects for experiments Yes Approval of department, as regulated by materiel manager. If grant or contract, also review terms of award for additional required approval  
Independent contractors Yes Approval in accordance with BFB-BUS-77, Independent Contractor Guidelines BFB-BUS-77
Insurance, liability, and property damage No Approval by Director of Risk Management, Office of the President. (See BFB-BUS-63, Insurance Requirements/Certificates of Insurance). BFB-BUS-63
Library materials (books, periodicals, etc.) Yes Approval of library acquisition departments on invoices. On delegation from the Chancellor or the library to departments, on invoices. (see BFB-BUS-43 Materiel Management) BFB-BUS-43
Memberships No Approval of expenditures must be in accordance with BFB-G-43, Policy on University Membership in Organizations BFB-G-43
Moving Expense No Approval for moving and relocation expenses must be in accordance with BFB-G-13, Policy and Regulations Governing Moving and Relocation. BFB-G-13
Petty cash reimbursements No Approval as required by campus purchasing/business officers and the internal control standards set forth in AM-C173-61, Cash: Petty Cash Disbursements AM-C173-61
Postage No Approval by departments incurring the charge. Payments by department other than the campus mailing division must be in accordance with BFB-BUS-65, Guidelines for University Mail Services BFB-BUS-65
Real Estate No Approval by the Treasurer  
Reimbursement to employees for supplies purchased No    
Rental or lease of personal property Yes Approval as required by campus purchasing offices.  
Rental or lease of real property No Lease approved at appropriate level, in conformance with the Lease Administration Manual.  
Service charges on past-due invoices No Approval of expenditures must be in accordance with BFB-BUS-43, Materiel Management BFB-BUS-43
Service contracts, including repair and maintenance Yes    
Service not otherwise specified Yes    
Sports officials No Approval by office designated by Chancellor. Normally the athletics department is authorized to approve payments without review by purchasing office  
Student aid No Approval by campus student aid office, graduate division, or other cognizant office  
Subscriptions to periodicals No Approvals as required by library acquisition department  
Supplies Yes    
Telephone No Approval by either campus telephone officer or by individual department (if service is billed directly to department).  
Travel No Expenditures must be in accordance with BFB-G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel BFB-G-28
Tuition for courses taken by staff personnel No Approval as required by campus policy. Payment is accounted for by Travel Expense Voucher (for courses involving travel) or by Form 5 (or equivalent) and must be in accordance with AM-T182-77 Taxes: Taxation of Scholarship and Fellowship Grants and Educational Assistance (see also Personnel Policies for Staff Members 51) AM-T182-77
Utilities (Electricity, gas, water, etc.) No Approval of physical plant department, or by indvidual department if service is off-campus and billed directly to the department.