Name and Contact Info Responsibilities
For all Questions, Inquiries, and Requests, please use our ServiceNow Portal at

• Off Cycle/Missed Pay requests
• Leave Accrual adjustments
• Final Pay requests
• Salary Cost Transfer Inquiries and Benefit Cost Transfer Requests
• Local Deduction Inquires
• Overpayment Inquires and Requests
• Work Authorization (I-9)
• Payroll Related Inquires
• Pre UC Path W2


2019 W2 Contact UC Path at 1-855-982-7284

Lan  Nguyen
(805) 893-3259

BFS ServiceNow Portal

Lynn Tran
Assistant Manager
(805) 893-4145

BFS ServiceNow Portal
Leave Accrual tickets M-Z
Benefit Cost Transfer tickets M-Z
Financial Journals

Geraldine Savary
Payroll Analyst 4
(805) 893-2219

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Leave Accrual tickets A-L
Benefit Cost Transfer tickets A-L
Financial Journals

Shannon Jackson
Payroll Supervisor/Lead Payroll Analyst & Trainer
(805) 893-3085

BFS ServiceNow Portal
Inquiry tickets
Campus Payroll Training
Tracker I-9 Admin
Pre Path (PPS) W-2

Isaias Loya
Payroll Analyst 3
(805) 893-8513

BFS ServiceNow Portal
Overpayment tickets
Salary Cost Transfer tickets
Benefit Cost Transfer inquiry tickets

Veronika Reidel
Payroll Analyst 2
(805) 893-2552

Verifications of Employment

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I-9 Work Authorization

Nathan Puga
Payroll Analyst 2
(805) 893-3654

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Missed Pay Request tickets
Final Pay Request tickets

Position Vacant
Payroll Analyst
(805) 893-3792

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