Concurrent Appointments

Concurrent appointments for employees holding both exempt and nonexempt appointments

When an employee holds both exempt and nonexempt appointments concurrently, both appointments will be paid on the monthly pay schedule (MO)*.  Although paid on the MO, the nonexempt appointment shall be paid using an hourly rate.

Where concurrent appointments exist, coordination between the home department and the secondary department is required to ensure that both appointments are paid on the monthly pay schedule (MO).

In the event that the exempt appointment ends, the nonexempt appointment shall convert to the biweekly schedule for future pay periods.  Consultation with Human Resources is recommended in these cases due to the notice obligations to the employee and the union when applicable.

Special cases

In certain instances, a biweekly pay schedule may be determined as appropriate due to the underlying appointment, on a case by case basis by Human Resources and/or Academic Personnel.  For example, Extension teachers will be placed on the same pay schedule as their underlying academic title.  But, if a staff employee holds a concurrent biweekly nonexempt appointment, the Extension teacher appointment will also be paid on the biweekly pay schedule.