OMB Uniform Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Referred to by many names: the Omni-Circular; the Super Circular; A-81; Uniform Grant Guidance, -- the new regulations located at 2 CFR 200 consolidate 8 federal regulations into a single comprehensive policy guide. Here, we refer to it as the OMB Uniform Guidance.

The following are some basic questions and answers about the new OMB Uniform Guidance.

The Uniform Guidance supersedes all eight federal regulations, including A-110, A-21, and A-133.

The Uniform Guidance went into effect for new federal awards and continuing funding increments for existing awards on December 26, 2014.

This guidance can be found at 2 CFR 200.  Please see the Guidance tab for a link to the electronic copy.

  • Subpart A – Acronyms and Definitions
  • Subpart B – General provisions
  • Subpart C – Pre Award
  • Subpart D – Post Award
  • Subpart E – Cost Principles
  • Subpart F – Audit Requirements

Each federal agency has or will be releasing revised regulations to implement the UG. For links to federal agency-specific regulations, click here.