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UCPath Leave Assessment - Status of Corrections


TO: Campus Community
FR: Leslie Griffin, Associate Director, Business & Financial Services
RE: UCPath Leave Assessment - Status of Corrections

UCPath Implementation
With the implementation of UCPath in late September 2018, significant changes in leave assessment methodology took place. The nuanced assessment linked to individual characteristics in PPS was replaced with three assessment group rates in UCPath, with categorization dictated by system-wide and campus settings.
Departments Report Assessment Inconsistencies
In October, Departments began reporting out inconsistencies in leave assessment.  Employees who do not earn leave were being assessed leave expense. The reported non-earning employees included:
  • Recall Faculty,
  • Rehired Staff,
  • Limited Staff
These inconsistencies were reported up through the UCPath management structure for analysis.
UCPath System-wide Correction
In November, discussion between the UC Path Center and PMO resulted in a “Programming Change Request” to create a new eligibility group for Recall Faculty. This new group will allow recall faculty to be isolated and linked to a zero rate for leave assessment. 

A new leave eligibility group called “ACARECALL” was created, tested, and placed into UCPath Production on 1-17-19. On a go-forward basis, beginning with the January monthly pay-cycle, recall faculty will not be assessed leave.

UCSB Configuration Requests
UCSB has reviewed the Absence Management Eligibility Group configuration for additional corrections. Requests for changes related to Rehired Staff and Limited Staff will be prepared and submitted to the UCPath Center. Implementation of such changes will include thorough testing before promotion to the Production environment. It is anticipated that changes may take up to eight weeks, putting the effective date of the changes in early April.

Cleanup of Recall Faculty Assessment Expense

UCPath does not have the capability to reverse leave assessments. Cleanup will be done by journal entry in the UCSB General Ledger to reduce leave assessment expense posted to Sub 6, Object Code 8930. Please note, the cleanup will affect only the General Ledger; the detail payroll ledger data in the Data Warehouse will not be changed. Therefore, there will be a mismatch between the General Ledger (corrected at the summary level) and the Data Warehouse (uncorrected detail level pay records).

For UCPath assessment expense for Recall Faculty posted to the General Ledger for September through December 2018, journal entries to remove leave assessment will be posted to the General Ledger in February 2019.

Thank You for the Teamwork

Thank you to the many departments who reported out the leave discrepancies. We are very appreciative of the full information that you provided. The detail & quantity of examples were very important as we worked with the UCPC & PMO experts to devise corrections. Your efforts have enabled us to improve the system for the whole campus.