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G-28 Travel Regulations Policy Changes


To:   Campus Community
Fr:   Jim Corkill, Director, Controller, Business & Financial Services (BFS)
Re:  G-28 Travel Regulations Policy Changes

Dear Colleagues,

Attached is a copy of the revised BFB G-28 Travel Regulations Policy and transmittal letter from President Janet Napolitano, dated 10/13/2017.

The first two bullet points represent fairly significant changes to the maximum daily limit for M&IE and a new maximum lodging reimbursement rate. In the coming days we will be publishing guidance on these changes on the BFS website.

In addition, we hope you will join us next Tuesday, October 17th at 2:00pm, when we will be hosting a live Mini Tune-Up to discuss the first two bullet points in more detail. Please see our website at for more information on this, and other upcoming Mini Tune-Up sessions.

Best regards,