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Financial System Cutover News for the Week of July 6


July 6, 2015

To:       Control Points, MSOs, Business Officers

Fr:        Jim Corkill, Campus Controller

Re:       Financial System Cutover: July 6 Update

Financial System Cutover News for the Week of July 6

  • Standard payment processing resumes on July 6, 2015.
  • Campus Accounts Payable Web Applications (Travel, Disbursements (Form-5), Flexcard) are now available. Transactions being entered or approved now require that departmental chartfields have been defined in the Gateway Management Console (GMC).
  • PPS now validates departmental chartfields Cost-Center and Project, if utilized, upon data entry. Chartfields not previously used in PPS must now be defined in the GMC and marked for use in PPS prior to use in PPS. PPS receives updated chartfields from the GMC nightly, so updates must be made by 3:55pm the day prior to being used in PPS.
  • The Cost Type field in Gateway Purchasing is now a dropdown field containing those Cost Types defined in the GMC.
  • The GMC now supports bulk loading of departmental chartfields: Project, Cost Center, and Cost Type.  The bulk loaders are available on the same screen as the Account String bulk loader under the Accounts menu.
  • Kronos is unable support underscores (_) in Projects and Cost Centers.  A modification is being made to the GMC to disallow the PPS flag being checked if an underscore is in the Project Code or Cost Center Code.  Any Projects or Cost Centers that are currently enabled for PPS in the GMC and that have an underscore in them will be disabled this week.  Questions regarding this change should be directed to Suzy Danko (, x4523).
  • Asset Management records cannot be updated until after July 20, 2015. No new property numbers will be assigned until after July 20, 2015. Property tags will not be sent out until after July 20, 2015.
  • Beginning July 6, 2015, invoices from PeopleSoft will appear in the Data Warehouse.  EZ Access Accounts Payable reports will reflect new fields and formats. See the Data Warehouse homepage ( for more information.
  • Beginning July 6, 2015, July General Ledger transactions from PeopleSoft may be available in the Data Warehouse in the EZ Access report Pending Transactions Inquiry. See the Data Warehouse homepage ( for more information.

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