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Financial System Cutover: July 20 Update


July 20, 2015

To:       Control Points, MSOs, Business Officers

Fr:        Jim Corkill, Campus Controller

Re:       Financial System Cutover: July 20 Update


  • Allow up to 4 weeks for A/P payments to be processed through August.  Please do not call or email the A/P office for status updates on payments. Direct urgent issues to Jim Corkill.
  • Departments should avoid using underscores in new departmental chartfields (Projects and Cost Centers) moving forward.  See the FAQs below for more information.

Financial System Cutover News for the Week of July 20

The Accounts Payable staff’s ability to respond to emails and phone calls will be extremely limited through the end of August. The A/P office is now using PeopleSoft Financials and adjusting to a completely different tool for processing payments.  During these weeks of transition, please allow up to 4 weeks to process payments.  Here’s how you can help speed the process up:

  • Please do not call or email the A/P office for status updates on payments.
  • Be sure to review paperwork very carefully before submitting it as errors will cause delays.
  • Check the Data Warehouse to verify that a payment has been processed.
  • Please do not call or email the A/P office for status updates on payments.
  • If you have an urgent need, please contact Jim Corkill at   

Thank you in advance for your understanding while we work to ensure a successful transition to the new financial system.

  • Data Warehouse general ledger tables (fin_gl_detail) will be modified after the June Final and before the July ledger. Reference number, invoice number and asset number fields will be expanded and new PeopleSoft fields will be added. See for details or contact Mary Wenzel.
  • Several thousand additional non-employee vendors were enabled for selection in the Web Travel Expense system.  This should reduce the number of occasions when a department is unable to locate a previously used vendor.
  • It is expected that PeopleSoft Project Costing, which replaces the mainframe “FAMAS” system, will begin producing the facility work order recharges beginning with the July ledger.

New Frequently Asked Questions

Departmental Chartfields & Underscores FAQs:

Can underscores (_) still be used in departmental chartfields (Projects, Cost Centers, Cost Types) when I add them in the GMC?

Yes, underscores can still be used in the GMC.  However, we are evaluating disallowing them in the future.  Before any change is made, we will work with the campus to minimize any impact.

What is the problem with underscores?

The GMC and PeopleSoft handle underscores just fine.  The problem is that Kronos does not support underscores.  As a result, when underscores are used in Projects and Cost Centers in PPS and they then flow into Kronos, those Projects and Cost Centers error out in Kronos.  In order to avoid those errors in Kronos, underscores should not be used in PPS.  The GMC will be changed next week to disallow the PPS flag from being set on Projects and Cost Centers in the GMC if they have an underscore in them.   This affects the GMC Project Codes and Cost Centers screens and also the new Project Codes and Cost Centers bulk loaders.

My department doesn’t use Kronos.  Are we still impacted?

The message that PPS gives when a Project or Cost Center is entered with an underscore is a warning, not an actual error.  As such, PPS will allow entries with departmental chartfields that contain underscores.  Departments that are not using Kronos may continue to use underscores in departmental chartfields in PPS.  However, if those Project and Cost Centers are still being used when your department starts using Kronos, you will be required to remove the underscores.  This could present problems for any reports that you use.  Thus, we strongly advise departments to use caution when deciding to use underscores in Projects and Cost Centers from here on out.

What about my existing Projects and Cost Centers that have underscores in them?  Are they impacted?

All Projects and Cost Centers in the GMC that have underscores in them have been updated to disable the PPS flag.  Any new ones that are added prior to the software changes being made next week will be adjusted to ensure that the PPS flag is disabled.

I already have some Projects and Cost Centers in PPS that have underscores in them.  What happens to them?

When we learned that Kronos could not support underscores, we examined all active distributions in PPS and found that only one department currently had active distributions that included departmental chartfields with underscores.  That department has created new Projects and Cost Centers in the GMC and has modified their PPS entries.  A handful of other departments have recent but inactive distributions with underscores.  Knowing that staffs shrink during the summer months in some departments, we will reach out to the departments that may be impacted to ensure that they are not caught unaware if there is an intent to resume using departmental chartfields with underscores in the fall.  If your department falls into that population, please work to make adjustments now rather than waiting until things get busier in the fall.

Who can I contact for assistance with transitioning my departmental chartfields or if I have more questions?

Questions regarding this change or requests for assistance can be directed to Suzy Danko in Enterprise Technology Services (, x4523).

Ledger Transactions FAQ:

Can I see PeopleSoft ledger transactions now?

Yes, set the ledger date to 201507 in the Pending Transactions Inquiry in EZ Access to view July GL activity.

Can I transfer July ledger transactions that I see in the Data Warehouse using TOE (Transfer of Expense)?

No, July ledger transactions cannot be transferred yet using TOE.  July ledger transactions are in PeopleSoft, not the mainframe.  TOE will not switch over to getting source transactions from PeopleSoft until the fiscal close is complete in August.  Until then, TOE is still looking in the mainframe for source transactions.  This means that only source transactions from June or earlier are currently available for transferring.  Transfers of July expenses can be initiated after the announcement is made that TOE has been cutover to PeopleSoft which is currently planned for Saturday, August 8th, pending final completion of the fiscal close.

SpeedTypes/LVPA FAQs:

Correction from last week:  I’m not seeing the SpeedTypes/LVPA screen in the GMC.  How do I get access?

To receive access to the SpeedType/LVPA screen in the GMC, request that your DSA (Department Security Administrator) grant you the GMC “Dept SpeedType Maintenance” role.

Additional FAQs were listed in last week’s project news update.

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