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Financial System Cutover: July 13 Update


July 13, 2015

To:       Control Points, MSOs, Business Officers

Fr:        Jim Corkill, Campus Controller

Re:       Financial System Cutover: July 13 Update

Financial System Cutover News for the Week of July 13

  • A number of unscheduled service outages occurred last week impacting Corporate Time, Transfer of Expense, Transfer of Funds, Carry Forward of Funds, Procurement Gateway, Gateway Management Console, BARC, FlexCard Management, and Allocation, Travel Reimbursement, Form-5 Reimbursements.  The outages were resolved and communicated to the campus as rapidly as possible.  These service outages were NOT related to PeopleSoft Financials cutover activities.
  • The Asset Management module of PeopleSoft went live on Friday, July 10.  New property numbers are being assigned and property tags distributed.  Record adjustments and asset disposals are being processed.
  • Please remember that departments must now submit any record modifications (i.e., change in location, new serial number, new condition code) to Asset Management via the Asset Information Update Form available at
  • All disposals must be reported using the PDF Equipment Inventory Modification Request form.  All Surplus disposals continue to be processed by using the PDF Excess & Surplus Property Disposal form.  Both forms are available at
  • On July 7, FlexCard transactions for file dates June 30 - July 3, which were suspended during PeopleSoft cutover, were loaded into the Allocation Module and are available for review and approval.
  • Due to the incompatibility with Kronos of the underscore character in departmental chartfields, any Projects or Cost Centers that are currently enabled for PPS in the GMC and that have an underscore in them have been disabled for PPS.

New Frequently Asked Questions

SpeedTypes/LVPA FAQs:

Where is the SpeedTypes/ LVPA screen in the GMC?
The SpeedType/LVPA screen is available to authorized users under the Accounts menu in the GMC.

I’m not seeing the SpeedTypes/LVPA screen in the GMC.  How do I get access?
To receive access to the SpeedType/LVPA screen in the GMC, request that your DSA (Department Security Administrator) grant you the GMC “Dept Chartfield Maintenance” role.

Vendors FAQs:

I can no longer find some of the vendors I’ve previously used in Travel or Disbursements/Online Form 5.  Where did they go?
When vendors were brought from the mainframe into PeopleSoft, a number of steps were taken to cleanup and filter the data that was brought over.  As a result, not all vendors in the mainframe were brought into PeopleSoft. 

I still need my old vendors.  How do I get them loaded into PeopleSoft so I can use them in Travel or Disbursements/Online Form 5?
To request that a vendor be added to PeopleSoft, follow the application’s normal procedure for adding a new vendor.  For Travel or Disbursements/Online Form 5, click the Request New Traveler VendorID button or Request New Employee VendorID button, respectively, from the Vendor Query Form screen in the application.

Can I see my old vendors in the Data Warehouse EZ Access Vendor Inquiry report?
Yes.  Old vendors that were not loaded to PeopleSoft are still available for viewing via the Vendor Inquiry EZ Access report by selecting Vendor Status Code I - Inactive.   

Application Contacts during Cutover Activities