Accounts Payable

Payee Vendor ID Form - webform
Undergraduate Student Resource Disbursement Forms

The following form is required if a department is requesting to disburse gift aid to a UCSB undergraduate student.


Non-Resident Fee Deferral Form

Students that are awaiting residency classification may be eligible to file this form along with a General Payment Plan in order to request deferral of the Non-Resident tuition charged on their BARC account.

Title IV Consent Form

This form should be used by students that have prior term unpaid charges and would like the BARC office to apply Title IV financial aid from the 2012-13 school year to these prior charges.

Computing Support

Equipment Management

Asset Information Form

The online Asset Information Update Form should be completed and submitted when new equipment is received, in order to provide Equipment Management with information that was not available when the Gateway Requisition was submitted.  The form should also be used any time that equipment is relocated, and during the physical inventory process to update information.  Data fields that may be updated include:

  1. Asset Description
  2. Manufacturer Name
  3. Model Number/Name
  4. Serial Number
  5. Building Number
  6. Room Number
  7. User
  8. Condition

Click the following link - ASSET INFORMATION UPDATE FORM - to access the form.  When you have entered all relevant information (you can update just one field, or several), click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form in order to transmit it via email to Equipment Management.

Helpful Hint:

If departments update this information as equipment is received or relocated, there is MUCH LESS work to be done at the time of the Physical Inventory: no searching for serial numbers on the back of computers or other pieces of equipment; accurate location and user for each piece of equipment already printed on the Inventory, expediting physical verification of its location and status; less writing by the department on the Inventory.

Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) Packet


The Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) form is used to process all types of modifications to the equipment inventory file except the disposal of excess and surplus property. Please use the Excess and Surplus Property Disposal (ESPD) form to dispose of property via pick-up by Central Stores.

  1. Fill in the four fields at the top of the form:
    1. Department Name
    2. Inventorial Custody Code
    3. Contact
    4. Phone
  2. Check the box corresponding to the type of transaction being processed on the EIMR:
    1. Interdepartmental Transfer
    2. Destroyed (Cannibalized)
    3. Lost
    4. Off-Campus Use
    5. Fabrication
    6. Other


      Only one type of transaction box may be selected per EIMR.

      "Other" transactions include: Interdepartmental Loan, Intercampus Loan, Intercampus Transfer, Theft, Recovery (of assets previously reported Lost or Stolen), Borrowed from a non-UC agency or individual, Termination of Borrowed Status, and Donation of Equipment.

  3. If applicable, enter any special circumstances, explanatory comments, etc. into the Remarks section. If the type of transaction is "Other," the Remarks section must be completed.
  4. For each piece of equipment being processed, fill in the three fields in the Equipment Identification section:
    1. Property Number
    2. Description
    3. CATS Value

      The EIMR may be returned to the originating department if these fields are not completed.

      A printout from a department database may be substituted for the Equipment Identification section on the condition that it includes (at least) all three fields, with all information entered.

  5. If applicable, additional data should be entered into the following sections of the EIMR:
    1. Department Fabrication

      This section is used to record the completion of a Fabrication. Provide information in the four fields, if applicable:

      1. Labor Costs (machine shop, etc. labor charges have been incurred, if any)
      2. Materials & Supplies (materials and supplies purchased via Low Values or Purchase Orders, but not receiving inventorial property tags)
      3. Equipment Components (if the Fabrication includes any inventorial equipment items which have received separate property numbers and tags)
      4. Total Cost of Fabrication (the sum of a., b. and c.)
    2. Loaned/Borrowed Equipment

      This section is used when equipment is:

      (A) loaned to (1) another department at UCSB, (2) a department at another UC campus, (3) a non-UC agency or organization, or (4) to a UCSB employee for off-campus use, whether at home or abroad for research.

      Please note that an off-campus use EIMR should only be prepared if the period of use will be at least 6 months.

      (B) borrowed from (1) another UC campus, or (2) a non-UC, agency or individual.

      Please note that Equipment Management must be notified, via an EIMR that references the original, of the termination of all cases of loaned or borrowed equipment.

    3. Transfer

      This section is used when equipment is permanently transferred from one UCSB department to another or to another UC campus (usually when a professor relocates)

  6. Print the Equipment Inventory Modification Request.
  7. Have the appropriate department official sign the EIMR.

    Please note that in the case of a transfer or loan of equipment between departments, both departments must sign the EIMR before it is forwarded to Equipment Management. In the case of the loan or transfer of equipment between campuses, only the UCSB department needs to sign; Equipment Management will send it to the sister campus for signature, completion and eventual return to UCSB.

  8. Send one original copy of the completed and signed EIMR (plus any attached printout and/or relevant documentation) to Equipment Management.

Some departments have created their own versions of the EIMR, in programs such as Excel or Filemaker: these forms may continue to be used, on the condition that they are modified to include all the information fields on the new format (most importantly, the Transaction Type check boxes).

Excess and Surplus Property Disposal (ESPD) Packet


The Excess and Surplus Property Disposal (ESPD) form is used to dispose of excess and surplus property via pick-up by the Surplus unit of Central Stores, the department which manages the Campus Surplus Property Program.

  1. Fill in the four fields at the top of the form:
    1. Department Name
    2. Inventorial Custody Code(s) of item(s)
    3. Contact / Preparer
    4. Phone
  2. For each piece of equipment to be picked up, fill in the first four fields in the center section of the form:
    1. Property Number
    2. Description
    3. Does It Work? (Yes/No)
    4. UC Title? (Yes/No)
  3. If the piece of equipment contains a hard drive (for example, computers, servers, printers, or copiers), check the appropriate box in the next three fields of the center section of the form:
    1. Wiped – your department certifies that it has erased the hard drive
    2. Removed – your department certifies that it has removed the hard drive before pick-up
    3. Recycle – your department requests that the equipment be recycled (“shredded”) by a scrap dealer to ensure destruction of the hard drive

    The ESPD will be returned to the originating department if these seven fields are not completed, as appropriate, for all pieces of surplus equipment.

  4. Leave the next three fields blank: Equipment Management or Central Stores will complete them:
    1. NOI (Not on Inventory)
    2. Pick Up
    3. CATS

    A printout from a department database may be substituted for the central section of the ESPD on the condition that it includes all ten fields, with all requested information entered in the first four fields (and, if it contains a hard drive, in the next three fields) for each surplus item.

  5. If applicable, enter any special handling Notes (for example, the contact for pick-up and his/her extension).

  6. Print the Excess and Surplus Property Disposal form and have the appropriate department official sign it.

  7. Send the completed and signed ESPD (plus any attached printout) to Equipment Management.

  8. Do NOT send the ESPD directly to Central Stores: Equipment Management must review and approve the disposal transactions before Central Stores can take any action. Sending the ESPD form directly to Central Stores will delay pick-up of the surplus items.

Theft-Sensitive Equipment Tracking Log

This sample Theft-Sensitive Equipment Tracking Log is provided as a resource to departments that wish to track these items and which do not already have an internal log or database.

The log name and all column headers are generic suggestions and can be modified; columns may be added or deleted from the log as appropriate for each department’s business operations.

Extramural Funds

General Accounting

Office of the Controller


Procurement Services

FlexCard Use Tax Correction Financial Journal

The FlexCard Use Tax Correction Financial Journal is used to make adjustments to use tax assessments for charges processed through the Allocation Module.  Usually, it is used to remove use tax that was missed during the allocation and review process.  It may also be used to assess use tax, in situations where it was either not charged by the Allocation Module or was removed incorrectly by the department.

Instructions for completing and submitting the form are provided below, in the form of a PDF document.  The FlexCard Use Tax Correction Financial Journal is provided as an Excel document.

Request for Services - Contract Packet

Submitting a Contract Request:

1. If you have a contract that your vendor provided, attach it to your Contract Request Form in Gateway.
2. If you need Procurement to write a contract, please complete all sections on the Request for Services (Form I below). Please attach this to the Contract Request Form in Gateway.
3. If the services are on non-federal funds, and the services are Professional in nature, please complete a Form M (see below) to document price reasonableness. This is required for all Professional Services, per the Public Contract Code.
4. If the services are on Federal Funds, and the federal portion is over $3,499.99, please complete the below Form A (see below).

Travel & Entertainment

Domestic Travel Reimbursement Worksheet