• Departments are not responding to the BFS Work Authorization Analyst's communications about their employees being late on Section 1 and/or Section 2 of their I-9.
    • When our work authorization analyst reaches out to you, please respond so we can work together to have your employee in compliance. Even if the employee decided not to take the position, please respond letting us know.
Please don't ignore these emails. You need to do a termination in UCPath, but also inform BFS by submitting an I-9 ServiceNow ticket. If the I-9 is not complete, UCPath will not put the termination over to Tracker so it stays on our dashboard. The same holds if you need to change the employee's start date - always inform BFS Tracker I-9 via an I-9 ServiceNow ticket.
Yes, Tracker does not inform BFS that this is a four payment TA, nor does UCPC. We need the departments to let us know so that we can correct the start date to the employee's first day of work.
No, only those employees living and working in the United States need an I-9. You must indicate in UCPath that the employee is living and working outside the US. If your employee moves to the US later and continues to work for UCSB, you will need to contact BFS to have us complete an I-9. It will be up to the home department to update the employee's status in UCPath in this situation.

The department will need to open a ServiceNow ticket for work authorization. Provide the name, employee ID, email, and start date of the Employee. In the additional comments section enter the name of a representative of a college or university local to the employee who is willing to assist us with the I-9 process; include the rep's email and title, plus the institution name.

You will need to open a Service Now Ticket for Work Authorization and in the comment box let us know that the employee needs E-Verification. BFS will take care of the E-Verify process and inform you if we need any additional information from either the department or the employee to complete.

The process has not changed. NRA employees should be nominated by the department. For more information, see https://www.bfs.ucsb.edu/accounts-payable/non-resident-alien-information.

Due to COVID 19 precautions all I-9’s must have a remote section 2. Please use Service Now to provide the appropriate information to BFS.

Please contact BFS via Service Now and include the employee's name, employee ID, original start date, and email address. You will receive an email when the employee can visit a worksite to complete their re-verification.


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