Why is my security or surveillance camera purchase being held up?

Security systems, including door alarm and surveillance cameras are restricted, and cannot be procured solely on the FlexCard. Cameras installed on UC property create significant risk exposure to the campus, and do require multiple campus approvals before an order can be released. Below are some of the examples of the process we go through after having received a requisition in Gateway:

  1. Notify Human Resources; cameras recording any UC employee require at least a 45-day notice period to employee unions before the cameras can be activated. (Note: the purchase and installation can be completed before the Notice term is over, but your department may risk losing these costs on the off chance the Union protests the installation.)
  2. Work with Design and Construction; some camera installations are categorized as construction, rather than maintenance. We may need to bifurcate the purchase; and remove the installation portion from the requisition
  3. Communicate with Enterprise Technology Solutions; who currently offers a central video security service which may be suitable for your needs.  A potential advantage in the ETS offering is it will evolve to keep in compliance with campus requirements.

When we receive a requisition for cameras in Purchasing, we will ask the end users a series of questions, including the number of cameras, the subject matter of the cameras, which party is responsible for hosting the video feed, who will be monitoring and have access to the video feed, and whether or not the cameras are a direct replacement, or a new system or new a subject matter.

A formal policy for Surveillance Camera Systems will be announced sometime next year, which will articulate the procedures for requesting approval of the installation and procurement of security cameras on UC property. In the meantime, any questions prior to submitting a Gateway requisition for security or surveillance cameras should be sent to contracts@bfs.ucsb.edu

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