Why are Boxes 2, 3, and 10 blank?

These boxes are blank because the information is not applicable to UCSB as the filer of your 1098-T.

  • Box 2 ("Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses") is blank because UCSB reports "Payments received" instead.  The IRS provides the option for schools to report either "Payments received" in Box 1, or "Amounts billed" in Box 2, but not both. Since education tax credits are based on "payments received for qualified tuition," UCSB reports "qualified tuition" in Box 1 as a service to our students.
  • Box 3 ("Check if you have changed your reporting method for 2007") is blank because UCSB has not changed its reporting method from a previous tax year, and continues to report "Payments received," not "Amounts billed."
  • Box 10 ("Ins. Contract reimb./refund") is blank because UCSB is not an insurer.

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