Where can I get Qiagen products?

Since UCOP was unable to renew the Qiagen catalog, Qiagen products can be purchased through the VWR punch-out.

A benefit of utilizing the VWR punch-out for the purchase of Qiagen products is reduced shipping costs. We have found that VWR charges a flat rate of around $40 for shipping which is significantly reduced from the hundreds of dollars in shipping charges that were being seen from buying direct from Qiagen.

To purchase Qiagen products, simply access the VWR punch-out located on the Gateway homepage.

Once inside the punch-out, use the search bar and enter in Qiagen item numbers.

This will pull up your Qiagen product, which you can then add to your cart.

Checking out, will transfer the products back into Gateway to complete your shopping and workflow process.

Please note that 90% of the Qiagen catalog is currently loaded into the VWR punch-out. If there is a product that you do not find in the punch-out that is needed, please reach out to our VWR rep, Golda Messer and she will be able to work with you to get a quote for your desired products. Using that quote, you can use the non-catalog link on the Homepage in Gateway to build your cart in the system.

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