What are some tips and solutions to prevent "out of compliance" I-9 issues with new hires/rehires?

Tips for compliance with the I-9 process

  • Departments are not responding to the BFS Work Authorization Analyst's communications about their employees being late on Section 1 and/or Section 2 of their I-9.
    • When our work authorization analyst reaches out to you, please respond so we can work together to have your employee in compliance. Even if the employee decided not to take the position, please respond letting us know.
  • Departments are hiring employees with a retroactive effective date due to late hire, or are not allowing enough time for the UCPath Center to approve the hire (UCPath approval times have increased as other campuses go live).
    • Remember to future-date your hires; UCPath defaults to the same day which does not allow proper time.
    • If your hire template is still pending, please contact BFS via ServiceNow to prevent a non-compliant I-9. We will manually send the employee Section 1 to start the I-9 process. Please note that a pending hire will need to have been entered into UC Path.
  • Departments are not selecting “Home” as the email type, which prevents the system from generating the Section 1 email to the employee.
    • On every hiring template please select “Home” as the email type, no matter what the employee's email address is.
    • Please confirm with your employee on the effective date if they received the I-9 email. If they have not, reach out to BFS via ServiceNow.
  • Departments are contacting BFS after the employees’ effective date to send or resend the employee the I-9 Section 1 email, or to request a remote Section 2 for the employee.
    • As soon as you know your employee will not be working on campus, open a ServiceNow ticket to set up a remote Section 2. You can do this for a pending hire template if needed.  
  • Employees are indicating to BFS that they are late due to not having time in their schedule to come in.
    • Allow your employees time on their first day to come to BFS to complete their I-9. Our I-9 desk is open Mon-Fri from 8:30 am – 11:00 am and 1:30 pm-3:30 pm.

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